Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Sorry

More Blog post coming soon and regularly. Do the people want the Taiwan banishment story or my observations of Saudi Arabia first?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Horrible Bosses is some racist bullshit

There is a scene where the characters need to hire an assassin so they ask the GPS where can they find the scum of the Earth. The GPS sends them to a Black bar which is particularly offensive because it looks exactly like my uncle's bar in Cleveland. It wouldn't be any less racist if he said to the ONstar take me to the niggas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saudi Arabia

Get ready for my post on Saudi culture . These people are just as incompetent as Koreans and twice as tacky. On my Tumblr I have decided that the shitty cars of Saudi Arabia will be my muse. Today a taxi driver yelled at me for taking an authorized picture of his shit box. You can click on that box on the left to see my latest pics on Tumblr

Friday, November 11, 2011

I am leaving on a jet plane

By this time tomorrow your favorite bloggers favorite rapper will be in lovely Bahrain for immigration and fuckery.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

R.I.P Heavy D

Steve Jobs died and quite frankly I didn't give a fuck. As far as I am concern Apple will still make billions by employing desperate Chinese labor and raping African materials all while not contributing one thin dime to charity here or abroad. But Heavy D hits me where I live. I remember getting my first kiss back in 1990 at a house party in Cleveland. Rocking my USED jumper and high top fade. Doing the kid n play kick step and slow grinding on some young girls backside.I miss my homie and one of my best friends who was at those parties with me James Womack. He died 2 years ago after his transplant didn't take.

I'm watching the video and I forgot about the short sets with the patent leather shoes. I remember saving up my allowances so I could buy a white silk two piece with the Louis Vuiton embroidered trim. And of course the dances.

Coca-Cola gear you weren't shit without some Coca-Cola and some Cazals

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dingaling Cain and Slutty Sharon Bialek

Here at Blackchild Industries we slut shame.

This woman is full of shit. I don't doubt that this is her partial recollection of the events of that night. But what I do doubt is it an anyway being a traumatic incident in her life that requires her to call a presser about an incident from a decade ago.

Ask Yourself
How many former employees of mid-level organizations get taken out to dinner to discuss career options by the CEO of the company? This woman knew what she was trading on in this situation and then she clutches her pearls when he bluntly pursues the currency she was offering. It was a set up and a sham. Who needs to fly to another city to make the kind of appeal she wanted to make? When finding themselves in a suite paid for by their former employer what professional wouldn't immediately demand that they pay the difference? She didn't do those things because she planned on stringing Herm along until she got to her next position ,she had to keep that sexual tension going. But ol' Herm pressed the issue. He took two shots and then took her home but she was sexually assaulted and needs to come forward about a man who took her on a date and then tried to get some sex .

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault? I don't think so. I know with the broadness of our current laws and our sexual climate sexual assault can occur whenever a man is within earshot of a woman but please. If you aren't taking out one of those Law&Order:SVU dolls and pointing to your no-no parts while you are coloring I don't want to hear about it

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Funny Because It's True

This cartoon is far from all-encompassing of white privilege but it is very good.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shithead Cop Saturday

I say good day sir.

So being treated poorly because of the way you dress isn't a good thing? That's one to grow on. I hope he remembers that when he interacts with the community.

This is what they do to white people. Can you imagine.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

parents are shit stains.

Why is it that we allow children to be tortured in the United States.

The Pain
The Tears
The Pleading

If she was a dog PETA would be all over of this.

This asshole is the honorable Judge William Adams
His daughter Hillary; whose blood curdling screams you hear on the tape suffers from

Ataxic Cerebral Palsy:
Low muscle tone and poor coordination of movements is described as ataxic cerebral palsy. Children with ataxic cerebral palsy look very unsteady and shaky. This rare form of cerebral palsy affects the sense of balance and depth perception. Affected persons often have poor coordination and walk unsteadily with a wide based gait, placing their feet unusually far apart. They have a lot of shakiness, like a tremor you might have seen in a very old person, especially when they are trying to handle or hold a small object such as a pen. Because of the shaky movements and problems coordinating their muscles, children with ataxic cerebral palsy may take longer than other children to complete certain tasks such as writing a sentence. This form affects about 5-10 percent of the children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

If he did this to an elderly person he would be charged with abusing the elderly.
If he did this to his wife he would be charged with spousal abuse and forced to leave.
If he did this to the family dog ASPCA would break their foot off in his ass.
So when do we start protecting children?

This Devery Brooxs asshole is hell bent on humiliating this child. Good thing the police arrested this asshole. He can miss me with all the pro-Black shit.

You can't even do this to prisoners of war

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dingaling Cain and Clarence" I Be Strokin" Thomas

Speaking of "rapacious Negros," I would like to hear your opinion on sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas:


short version:

vis-a-vis the recent allegations against Herman Cain:


I realize that I am biased by juxtaposing two conservative Republicans with similar problems when seeking an opinion from you, but I'd like to know your opinion about these two individuals as if they were only individuals without any party/labels attached to them.

So, what do you think of Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain? Second, do you think they were set up for sexual harassment charges? Third, do you think they're Uncle Toms or they are simply tools without realizing they are tools?

I look forward to your insights.

The measure of a man is what he does with power- Plato

Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas happened during my early adolescence so I didn't have an opinion of it then. But looking at the Youtube clip I was more shocked at how powerfully he asserted his rights to privacy from the media given how often he has voted against the privacy of citizens from government intrusion. But that is neither here nor there. I think most men don't study gender politics and the associated power dynamics in the modern workplace and so they get themselves in trouble. Clarence Thomas was stuck in a marriage with a decidedly unattractive white woman and when Anita Hill came in with her round ass and cute face he couldn't control himself. He was hell bent on setting up a sexual situation for himself in that office. So Clarence, doubled down on the sex talk because he was too stupid to do anything else. He had a certain level of power over this woman and he tried to leverage it into a sexual situation ,it isn't shocking when you consider at its core the whole purpose of power for men is to exercise sexual control over women.

Herman Cain is a joke and a liar. He had 10 days to come up with a strategy and he still hasn't been able to answer the questions in a coherent way. Now we'll never know what was said or done on those late Chicago nights. But what we do know is the women didn't like it. What was said might have been patently offensive to the point that continued employment was impossible or totally benign. This maybe a case of it being easier to pay a settlement and get a non-disclosure than litigation to clear his name. A civil version of pleading guilty if you will. But all of this denying is just insulting to the American electorate. If I was Bob Scheiffer I would ask him how many times have you been sued? How many times have you been sued for sexual harassment? It seems to me that most normal people would have those kind of numbers at the ready. Plus he acts like the settlement information isn't readily available. His settlement information isn't part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, he could call the attorney or the h.r. person who handled it and get the info within 15 minutes. But he knows , and we know he knows, and he knows we know he knows so the whole thing is insulting.

What these two Black men should have known was that Black male sexuality has always been a thing in America. It is the reason lynched Black men often had their genitals mutilated. Rampaging oversexed Negroes is the context which Hearst framed the first drug debates in his newspapers. The first modern film was about a Black man raping a white woman. So, these men were wrong for their overt sexual harassment and they were wrong for not realizing that a Black man needs to be as asexual as possible to avoid anything being misconstrued as sexual aggression.

Conspiracy Brother

I don't think there is any conspiracy here. Clarence Thomas had neither the judicial experience nor the academic background to be a supreme court justice. In a sense he was the ultimate Affirmative Action hire. He received his nomination because he was supposedly a good guy with great judgement. Anita Hill was interviewed by the F.B.I and then asked to testify before Congress. She never sought that stage. She did nothing to pro-actively derail him and I am sure she would have rather continued her law career far from the spotlight as she has done in the subsequent years. As for Herman Cain I think his repub buddies are sharpening their opposition research operations in an effort to winnow the field of a powerful undesirable.

My guess is Perry's camp considering most of the other contenders don't have the staff to do opposition research. So that is my long winded way of saying no I don't think the FreeMasons or the Illumanati or the Boule convened a meeting to orchestrate a plan to put these men in situations to make stupid decisions.

Uncle Toms

I don't have a problem with conservatism or Black conservatives. If they approached the African-American community and said I'm a conservative because I believe in open markets, limited regulation, a strong military, low taxes, family values, and support for Israel,I think we could have an intellectual discussion about the merits of that position. But they start in with the plantation analogies as soon as Afr-Am reject that position without taking into consideration the fact that government employment figures prominently in the lives of a lot of middle class Black people. Black conservatives also don't seem to acknowledge the fact that a lot of Black families may only be a generation or two outside of the very poverty they demonize and to tear the social safety net would put an additional burden on the very people they need to woo. The Black Conservatives are Toms because they provide cover for the racist factions within their party. Herman Cain with his I'm going to say all the racist things you good white folks can't say schtick comes to mind. Or Michael Steele who didn't believe in racism until they were running his ass out of leadership in the G.O.P on a rail. That's where the soft-shoe and tap dancing comes in that Black America by and large doesn't respect. Why can't a Black person be a republican without being a white apologist also?

funny gifs

Korean Bitchassness

I don't want to mince words. Please go fuck yourselves.

America has placed a standing army of over 28,000 U.S. soldiers in South Korea for over 5 decades . We spent hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of man hours trying to teach Korea to be less bitchlike . If it wasn't for us you all would be a foot shorter and starving to death like your brethren up north. But one G.I. in the foreign army you invited to your shores to set up permanent residency decides to rape a chick and you bitches take to the street . Fuck you, what you should be saying is never in the history of the world has a foreign army acted so malevolently towards the native people of a land foreign to themselves. No widespread systemic raping and pillaging, no proxy governments installed, no resource rape(as if Korea had anything valuable),nothing just the willingness of our government to do whatever we came to assuage the prickly Korean ego. So those three ignorant bitches should go over to the Blue house and tell the president that they want to cut G.I. crime 100% in 6 months by removing U.S. forces. But they aren't going to do that are they? They can't even stop a bunch of starving North koreans from bombing them whenever they feel like it or Chinese fisherman from giving them the business. So fuck these bitches and their protest because the only reason they can grow double chins and that jowly countenace is because America has been giving South Korea welfare for decades.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Drew is an asshole (update)

This is obviously some staged shit. You notice "crazybruh" was stuttering and stammering because his improv skills weren't up to par. His ignorant and incoherent ramblings were juxtaposed perfectly with Dr. Drew's staid, intellectual countenance. It didn't hurt that "crazybruh" was wearing a loud neon pink silk shirt. Now the sluttish looking Jezebel walking archetype goes over and initiates physical contact and the hypersexual Black man has no choice but to fondle her shamelessly on national t.v. At this moment Dr. Drew gets to play white daddy and save the Black whore from the rapacious Negro. It's as if they decided to take a few hundred years worth of Black stereotypes boil them with some baking soda and then freebase it into a 2 minute clip.

There are serious discussions going on in the Black community about the direction and quality of Black love and marriage in the 21st century. Dozens of scholars and hundreds of clowns have spilled rivers of cyberink on the subject. But for Dr. Drew's show he had to get the preeminent scholars in Black America.

( I couldn't find his videos yesterday)

Now her name on Youtube is OSCARWINNERJARKATA and between that and that terrible line reading it is pretty obvious that this whole interaction was staged. But to whose benefit? This seems to be a very long road to travel to entertain white people.

I blame this guy.The woman is a failed actress and the retarded brother is an attention whore but this moist shit stain should know better .

His name is Paul Carrick Brunson and he advocates tricking as a way to impress women.This highly educated Black men stood back and collected his check while those white folks orchestrated coonfest 2011.

Now some of you maybe asking your self well if you had a chance to be on t.v. you would do it wouldn't you Mike?

To that I say fuck you you don't know me son

This shitty t.v. show approached me to be on an episode about self-hating Black people. Here is the email interaction.

(click on the pic to enlarge)

His email is @BillCunninghamshow which is the same as the website.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shithead of the Week: Crockett Keller

This shit stain is Crokett Keller. He is a real 'Merican. He lives in Texas.He wears a big dumb hat. He is named after noted racist and genocidal maniac Davey Crockett. He is an old fat white southern man( who probably longs for the days when that really meant something) He don't want to associate with no lefty,pinko,commie, Obama faggots(or Black people). No sir, not even for money and he damn sure as shit aint teaching no Arab Moslem how to use a weapon. Cuz he is 'Merican.

I actually have no problem with his stance except for the part where he gets to certify people to apply for state licenses. By accepting the power from the state to certify proficiency in handguns he is acting as a state proxy and therefore should be subject to applicapable state and federal laws .


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Meanwhile in Brooklyn

But I'm glad Ol' Sarge is hellbent on keeping the whitefolks safe. I mean we all know how often white people are pepper sprayed, beaten , and killed by police.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I don't hit women but...

Hot asian girl breaks PS3 with hammer!! (this is a video link)

I would beat the brakes off of her. I think there is a general disrespect of men by women in today's society. I don't have any empirical evidence but it just seems to me that Don Draper, Ricky Ricardo, or Ralph Cramden wouldn't worry about their favorite humidor or scotch tumbler being destroyed by their broads in a fit of rage and I think it is because women back then knew that a Godfather/Ike Turner style assbeating was always on the table. That was wrong of course but I think the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and women now feel empowered to engage men in physical conflicts as long as white daddy is a 911 call away. This is actually dangerous for women because while most men will tolerate a certain level of physical abuse from a woman there is a line that when crossed there is no retreating from. Boys are socialized to understanding this concept from an early age. Women not so much.

P.S. where was that white woman screaming and hollering when those two bulls were slapping a McDonald's employee in the face. The most disgusting part of that video is the fact that those two chicks thought that it was o.k. to lay hands on a 32 year old man working the register at a fast food joint. And where was the manager? That brother should be given a U.N. humanitarian award.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is real talk. David Stern's and Roger Goodell run their sports leagues like modern day plantation overseers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A holiday for the rest of us.

I saw this on Gawker and I thought I would share.

In the spirit of occupy Wall Street Protest this smart young lady started a movement to educate the consumer class about alternatives to the Wall Street collective. It is not the all out class warfare I've been advocating for years but it is a start.

If you need help finding small local banks and credit unions you can go to this website.Credit Union online or this one credit union

So on November 5th please move your money out of the big wall street banks and into smaller banking institutions.

If you are interested you can see my pics of Taiwan life here

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laugh Break

Cut to .50 second mark.This is the tyranny of the 8.00 an hour worker. Smart enough to be vaguely competent at whatever remedial task that is given. But not smart enough to not give a fuck.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fuck You (whitesavior)

I mean this has to be a joke right?

Please go fuck yourselves.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kaohsiung Pics

I was taking pictures of the bridge when this boy and his grandmother rolled up on a scooter.

This is my girlfriend.

This building has apartments starting at about a million us dollars.

I live in a rich area of Kaohsiung and this is one of the light bridges that crosses the water and streets.

Fat Taiwanese woman.

You can go in here and a team of Taiwanese women will let you get Taiwanese titty milk straight from the tap. I bought a box of cereal and went to town. Seriously, I love it because in America women just plop their flap jack out in the middle of wherever the fuck instead of taking care of their biological functions in shame behind close doors.

This fuck at Costco was in the line for 15 minutes and still couldn't decide what he wanted to eat. The fucking menu literally had literally less than 10 items on it.

This my ground floor apartment. Anytime of the day you are guaranteed to see me at least partially nude if you decide to look inside. The window is only about 3 feet off the ground. My girlfriend refuses to come to my house unless I agree to shut the windows and run the a.c. You can also very easily hear what I'm doing whether it be sex with the old lady, porn, or video games.

This is the funniest pic. I see it everyday at the gym. Taiwan should really get rid of its military. Look at the guy 2nd to the right.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

To Catch A Predator

I have a compulsive need to figure out the most efficient way of doing something. This has caused me problems in almost every situation in my life because people in general are shitheads. So I have been watching clips online of this American t.v. show called To Catch a Predator and I have figured out ways to not get caught if you happen to be a pedophile.** If you are an English teacher with mandatory office hours and computer access come watch t.v. with me.

Before we get started the shows unofficial anthem from the late great Mr. Keith Sweat*

Abdullah sending dick shots was not a good look. I've met hundreds of women from around the world and I haven't met one that was exactly pining away for dick shots. And why is he wearing Dockers? Who wears Dockers and Sperry's to illicit fuck sessions . "Who is this beeech" I'm Egypt I'm Muslim I don' do that" lol.

Interior landscape design? Is that like potted plants. Sounds to me like someone who grows weed indoors. At least the Tae Kwon Do instructor was smart enough to be suspicious. I didn't know asking for sex from a child was illegal. Live and learn but you could make the argument since the decoys were over 18 he never technically solicited a child.

I think instead of fat old Floridian women they should hire Bill Duke to do the interview in the police station.

Why does the first person look like a Black man in white face?

You're not a cop
No Way

Chris Hanson is so stupid. He say's Refino has two small children at home and one on the way. So why would he be out looking for underage girls? Duh

Tip 1: Young girls don't want to discuss their virginias or your dick. So if you
say something along the lines of I want to bury my face in your crotch and
lap up your sweet, sweet, sex juice and she responds with anything other
than that is disgusting. You are probably talking to a person who at the
very least isn't 12 years old. Also teenagers want to be older not younger
so the odds of you talking to a 14 year who says he/she is 14 is quite small.

Tip 1A: Ask her for proof of life questions like where do you go to school? What grade are you in? Who taught you last year?

Tip 2: Ask for a picture that is very specific. Nothing sexual of course but
something that indicates you are talking to a live person. If she refuses for any reason it's a trick of some sort. I have at least 3 things in this room right now that can take and send pics. And never send your picture.

Tip 3: Get there early. It seems to me that those rigs and cameras would take a few
hours to setup so if you get there early enough you are bound to see people
coming and going from the house. Chris Hanson isn't sleeping in a shell
the night before and the police aren't going to pay for 4 hours of overtime
to have them stake the house out.

Tip 3: Pizza delivery. An hour before you get to the house go to the local delivery
place and tell them that you have to go to work in an hour and then pre-pay
for a small cheese pizza to be delivered to your kids who are home alone.
Park across the street and see who answers the door. Then ask the pizza
driver on the way out what did the girl/boy look like.

Tip 4: Let the air out of one of your tires and drive to her house. Knock on the
door and see who answers. If the decoy answers ask to use the phone to call
a tow truck. She'll probably refuse to let you in but that's o.k. you want
to see the actress from the community theater up close.

Tip 5: Send a taxi with instructions to take her to a local mall. A 14 year old bent on fucking would have no problem going to the mall. But police officers aren't looking for a confrontation in a crowded public place.

I guess in the end it is a good thing these guys are pretty fucking stupid.

*Keith Sweat isn't dead as of 09/06/11
The good people at Blackchild Industries do not encourage child banging.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fuck you , Fuck you , Fuck You (Precious is coming to Taiwan)

I was at the gym doing my cardio and flipping through the channels. When I saw a commercial for this shit here.

That's right children Goddamn Precious is coming to Taiwan. The worst film in the history of Black cinema will be splashed all over t.v. screens across Taiwan. Luckily Asians don't like to watch Black people in movies so maybe we can localize the damage to a few thousand households. This song is a clarion call for white people in these tough economic times. It has incest,illiteracy, poverty, and rape a veritable smorgasbord of Black pathology. The white feel good movie of the year.

But you know who I hold responsible for this shit stain on Celluloid


You see children somebody at Lionsgate saw a rough cut of this film and said this is good for white folks but the darkies might go apeshit we need some cover. So they called America's favorite mammy and the #1 cross dressing Black director in Hollywood and asked them to put their names on this fuckery. They said yes because white people told them to and in a time when the first family is Black we were treated to Precious .

White folks were so happy that they gave Mo'nique an Oscar for confirming everything they thought about Black women.

Tyler Perry was so envious of that success he pulled on his Victoria Secret's and ran to get some financing so he could try to get an Oscar nomination.So one good turn deserves another and Lionsgate provided the funding and distribution for this nonsensical abortion.

Oprah mammy in chief wasn't done endorsing fuckery because she lent her name to 2011's white feel good movie.

In 2011 a coming of age story about a white woman and her mammy. My Great-Great Grandmother was alive when I was a small boy. She was born in Arkansas in the small years of the 20th century and to my knowledge never attended a school. She bore one child ;my great-grandmother, in Arkansas. To my knowledge she never attended high school. My Great-Grandmother had one child and raised her in Youngstown Ohio. My grandmother never finished high school. My point is none of these women sounded like slaves like the bitches in this film. " My favorite quote is "they love us and we love them ." Really, so thousands of Black women had no greater aspirations than to take a segregated bus to the white side of town. Cook and clean for racist white people all day, get back on the segregated bus before sundown(very important) and then tend to their own families 6 days per week.

Now I know the moral of the story is that there was some sort of fake ass sisterhood between southern white women and their Black mammies;but, that ain't the truth. Truth is they were right there every step of the way and movies like the Help are doing a disservice to the historical record.

Precious is a shameful piece of shit that finally wiped Monster's Ball from my pre-frontal lobe as the most disgusting film ever. i would rather watch two girls and one cup on a loop than to sit through a screening of Precious.

Friday, September 2, 2011

On Second Thought

Fuck that old guy he ran up to a Black man and told him to sit down and shut up and not necessarily because he was speaking loudly. I think the issue was he was speaking English to a Korean girl and that old fuck wanted to put him in his place. He was trying to assert dominance over someone he saw as inferior and instead of meekly genuflecting my man scared some years off of his life.

I came to this conclusion after reviewing my time in Korea and the many times I had to forcefully push back against the tidal wave of Korean bullshit.The Koreans I met didn't respond to anything other than unmitigated rage. I tried to negotiate,compromise,patience and the only thing that seemed to work was the very real threat of getting a Timberland in the ass. There was the time people in my office referred to me as the "nigger". Or the time the school owner kept shining me on about when she would give me my reimbursement. The time I almost had to beat the fuck out of my boss's gay husband after they called the police on me because I was screaming at her in her office. Or my week back from Thailand. Or the bus incident . If some old fuck would have rolled up on me telling me to shut up after one of those days I would have unloaded on him too. That's not to say I condone laying hands on an old man in any way but the threat of laying heavy hands isn't beyond the pale.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Korean Bus Incident (Jim Crow)

I don't really read Korean news so I didn't hear about the incident until one of my posters made a comment about it. I understand how he feels and old Koreans are the worst at taking liberties with people(Ask a Korean person what they think of grandma and grandpa). But, old boy was out of pocket. He should have responded once with the most derogatory Korean phrase he could muster and let that be that. He was wrong for trying to bully that old man and he is going to pay the cost. Now rape in Korea is worth about 5,000 usd and since this was a mild physical assault of a Korean national by a Black foreign teacher, he'll pay about 5,000 and be deported. I would suggest he just pull a runner. Mail all your shit back to your home and then take the train to Busan. From there get on that slow boat to Fukuoka and then decide what you want to do next. You want to avoid the airports just in case they put a hold on your passport.

I like all the somewhat racist commentary on the videos and the blog sites I saw. Multiculturalism leading to feral bus riders from America being brought to Korea.
This seems to be a referendum on all Black Americans which is funny to me because when those white boys were running a dope ring out of Seoul nobody said shit about white people. When that grandmother was beating the shit out of that little kid peole didn't call elderly Koreans animals. But with Black people our margin of error seems to be a lot lower and if we slip it is an indictment of all of us.

Here is a post i wrote nearly two years ago about Korea


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Macau part Deux

I went to Macau yesterday on a visa run and i must say it is one of the best places I have ever been to in my life. The food is delicious Cantonese style Chinese. There are beautiful bridges connecting the different land masses and the women are stunners. I think there is some remnants of that Portugese DNA running through some of those chicks because a lot of them had nice little bubbles on them.

But what I didn't understand was this shit here.

Who the fuck is looking for the Ying Yang Twins in 2011. I thought they were in witness protection for snitching on Big Meech. I mean how does the nightclub industry work? You get rap acts that couldn't draw flies to shit at the apex of their career. Fly them to other side of the planet and then charge a cover of almost 50.00 usd to hear them recite lyrics like

Let me see you make that pussy fart
good lord make it shake like a salt shaker
to hard get it up to you can't ugh no moe
see I love when you hoes take it to tha floor
baby bounce biggy bounce ugh it's on you
shouty you can twurk in your skirt if you want
to see we came to keep it crunk for ya all night
put a dub in tha club show me what I like.

Yes children make that pussy fart. People are paying good money to hear make that pussy fart.

And this is a clip of those two cooning it up in a rented house with a bunch of staged furniture.

Mike Vick 100 milli

Mike won't ever see the full 100 mill but congrats to him anyway. And fuck dogs.

Monday, August 29, 2011

BLACK MAN Lynched in Post-Racial America

Not surprising to me at all. Neither is the fact that the other teens weren't charged with a crime even though you can be charged with accessory just for knowing about a crime and those two white bitches rode shotgun.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fuck PETA (with a dick shaped veal cutlet)

Dear PETA,

Hi, this is Black America, I know we don't speak often; and judging by your most recent campaigns there can't possibly be too many of us working for your organization, but I must sincerely ask you to cut the bullshit. Leave our history and our struggle out of your animal rights bullshit because it is fundamentally not the same thing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Illegal Download Theater: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

This is super inspiring my only problem is that food is twice as expensive in Taiwan. So a 400usd budget wouldn't be adequate to eat for a month here.

You can illegally download it here .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cool Shit Thundercats

One of my favorite cartoons. Of course i was down with Panthro

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Georgetown vs. China (Hong Man Choiism)

The crazy part is White Americans hate Black people so much that they were actually cheering for the Chinese against a group of Black Americans caught in a riot.

By now some of you have seen the brawl between the Georgetown University basketball team and the Chinese basketball team. Color me not surprised. There is a virulent strain of pussy in the hearts of a lot of Asian men. You see it a lot if you travel to niteclubs in Asian countries and they have to compete for the attention of women against foreign men. In Taiwan, I've heard first hand of accounts of men surrounding a foreigner and beating him with bamboo for approaching a local girl. In Korea, the hate and jealously is pervasive among every age group. You have young men (only in large groups) approaching guys in the street who commit the crime of holding the hand of a K-chick. While their drunken grandfathers run up and verbally accost the girl for dating foreigners. I'm no sociologist or psychologist but there seems to be a certain amount of inferiority that is over corrected when these people get a little power . In this situation I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that the Chinese team would not act that way in Georgetown's gym or a neutral floor. They felt they could do it because they were struck with a case of HONGMANCHOIISM.

HONGMANCHOIISM is the willingness of Asians to only compete/negotiate,participate when they have overwhelming power in a situation. It is named after Korean K/1 and MMA fighter who seemed to always be able to find a person he outweighed by at least a hundred pounds to fight. HONGMANCHOIISM is most pervasive for foreigners when it comes to dealing with their bosses. The Koreans and (other Asians) are awful people to work for and are in general bullies to their employees both Korean and foreign. There have been thousands of documented cases of thefts,lies, and threats but the Korean government does nothing and the reason they do nothing is because they want to keep the power in the hands of the awful Koreans to fire you, withhold your money, or have you deported.In the past 2 years they have updated the immigration laws twice to make things harder on foreign teachers yet they haven't done anything to redress the abusive immigration system and they never will.

Now HONGMANCHOIISM isn't isolated to basketball games or foreign teachers. A lot of people are happy that America is slipping from it's perch as preeminent world power but I would exercise caution. Before you go Dougeing look at how China is treating Taiwan in international competition. The Taiwanese aren't even allowed to use the name Taiwan because China decided that they didn't like in the 1970's. Long story short all the teams are called Chinese Taipei and they aren't allowed to use their national flag. So if China is that petty when it comes to insignificant bullshit like sports just imagine how they'll act on the important issues of our time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

So True

Women are generally so full of shit it isn't even fun debating them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shithead of the week: Iran Hikers

So possibly innocent people are arrested and transported to prison thousands of miles from their homes held indefinitely until they are given a show trial and then sentenced to years of detention on the flimsiest of evidence and the U.S. is complaining. But America has secret jails all over the world and a prison camp in Cuba. Well I hope they are spies and not just people stupid enough to go hiking along the border of a hostile nation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shitty industry

This a letter from a recruiter I erroneously received.

I am very happy to receive your letter. And you have to answer some questions.
1、Did you get a bachelor degree? When did you get the degree, or when do you graduated in your college?
2、Do you have one of the Certificate :TEFL, TESOL ,CELTA ?
3、Do you have two years of working experience as a teacher ?
4、Are you a native English speaker?
5、Our contact should be at least one year.
6、In my ads, I said that the working place is Shenyang or Xuzhou, and which one do you prefer? Or both are OK?
7、Teaching class begins in September, so you should be here before August 25th.
8、White man or woman.

If you have any question, you can write the down and e-mail me.
your information and your wife's information shoul mail me together.
if you like you can work togrther.

Cool Shit Walking Dead

I love the Walking Dead. Those shitheads at AMC could take away that horrible Mad Men and make 30 episodes a year of TWD. What I love most about the show is going to the forums and discussing the various pro's and con's of different disaster survival techniques. Personally I favor having a small harem of women next to a large body of water like a river, lake, or the ocean. I plan on driving to Florida and then commandeering a small power boat of some sort. Scouting out a small island and building a small camp there with lots and lots of guns.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011


I haven't been posting much lately and for that I am deeply sorry. On the other hand in a few weeks I'll entertain you with tales of law suits, deportation threats, lies , lies and damn lies, and love. Stay tuned .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live Chat with the King

Tonight you can chop it up with me about sex, politics, whatever live

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shithead of the Week: Mario Masic Rochester Police

This is the shithead who arrested the lady for videotaping him in her front yard.

As if that isn't bad enough he is also a dog breeder.

After a long day of harassing Black men and arresting innocent citizens it is good to come home to friends.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cops are bitches

I saw this on Gawker.

This is some scary police officer arresting a lady standing in her yard for taping police officers.

And this is how the bitches retaliate

In my opinion she had every right to shoot that officer in the head for attempting to kidnap her on her own property. The police don't have a right to order you inside of your home to thwart your ability to oversee their activities.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is why I don't give a fuck about America

This is part of an American political campaign ad.

To all the Black children out there it never mattered. It doesn't matter how hard you work to buy in to the American system. This is how they see us. We are the only people on the face of the Earth that it is o.k. to do this. Oh they'll try to tell you that if you change your diction and adopt our value system you can do anything. But the reality is this is how they see us. So why bother trying?

Monday, June 13, 2011

A concise history

It's funny because it is true.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day in my life

1:00 pm Hi,Michael,
Can you come to Taichung and have an interview this week?

1:02 pm Yes I can go to Taichung on Friday. ME

1:03 pm How about 1 oclock this Friday afternoon?

1:05 pm That sounds great Me

1:10 pm see you on friday.My phone number is 0932534536/0426656932
I can pick you at Shalu train station or Providence university in Shalu,Taichung

11:30 pm Text message with address

Text message
June 09 2011
Sorry we cant offer the position Melissa in Taichung

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cops are still bitches Part 3 and Weekly video round up .

According to the Washington D.C. police he "fell out of his chair"

This is a video of hipster douchebags dancing at the Tommy J Memorial

O.k. just this once break out the batons and the tasers and start cracking heads.

Hipster Douchebag

This is dangerously bad judgement. I mean even from a practical standpoint of those numbers constantly changing and most people not wanting to be part of some deuches sleeve.

This video is about old Jewish men blowing newborns

Religion is among the dumbest things ever created by men. To think that Jewish space god wanted newborn baby boys mutilated and then sexually assaulted is laughable.

Now a palate cleanser

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Superman Syndrome

I read an interesting piece over at What the Kimchi about a white guy who couldn't fathom a person not singing the praises of Korean people. In my mind all it meant was he probably hasn't spent a lot of time speaking to Thai, Filipino, or Nigerian factory workers, Russian hookers, or South East Asian juicy girls. But it is deeper than that of course, the way those largely invisible people are treated would have no bearing on the perception and treatment of a white male from a wealthy western nation. The invisible privilege cloak that those men walk around with allows them to not only not see the disparate treatment of others , it also allows them to discount and marginalize the experiences other whose accounts are wildly different. It is sort of like living next door to a serial killer who was also the town's little league coach. They often bring that incredulity to the discussion of Korean culture vis-a-vis foreigners.

If you are at all familiar with Superman comics you know that Superman comes from Krypton a dead planet that orbited a red sun. On Krypton the boy known as Kal-El would have grown up to be an average shithead. But fate allowed him to be rocketed to a planet with a yellow sun. He found that he was bigger, stronger , faster and some ways smarter than the people of his new home. Instead of being a Kryptonian zero he was now an Earth hero. This is not dissimilar to the transformation a lot of white men go through as they step off the plane in Incheon airport. Suddenly they are slightly taller than all of the people around them. Women are finding them better looking and since these women speak low to intermediate English every word they utter is met with raucous adulation not seen since the death of Oscar Wilde. The streets of Seoul are literally overflowing with vagina and money. If you don't like your girl replace her with two more . If you don't like your job quit and get released and find a new one or don't get released and do private teaching for 50.00 to 80.00 per hour. Nothing they do will effect them adversely which leads to an almost bulletproof feeling just like Superman.

What's funny is these people actually think their situation is a product of some sort of personal goodness or innate quality that was invisible to the people they grew up with but was manifested and recognized by the inscrutable wise ancient Asian culture. Perhaps , but my theory is that the overvaluation of white skin has its roots in economic and cultural imperialism. For the past 600 years or so the Western European nations have dominated the global economic market coupled with the fact that most Asian countries put a premium on white skin has led to the fetish like worship of white people. As the stranglehold on the global marketplace waned it was replaced by the greatest intellectual imperialistic force in the history of mankind in the form of Hollywood. Every movie and t.v. shown on H.B.O and AXN is a celebration of white beauty, white talent, and white intelligence and you can be sure if the movie has a hero it is going to be a white man.

Damn it Mike I think you are just talking shit. Well perhaps let's see what's at the Box Office

Barry Switzer

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.

One might question why I singled out white men and quite frankly it is because I have never met a non-white male Hanophile. Sure , there are many people who had or are having a great time in Korea. But I have never personally met or read any non-white male speak effusively about their love of Korea. Most of the people I have met temper their praise of Korea by acknowledging that either the experience wasn't one hundred percent positive or a one hundred percent positive was not the norm. The white women I met also gave a more nuanced account because even though they enjoy even more privilege in Korea their egos aren't tied up in in bedding down Koreans. An average looking woman has had the ability to have sex on command since she was 13 years old and though in some ways creepier , Korea is nothing new.

So why the knee jerk defense of all things Korea? If I say it is a shit stain and they say it is Valhalla can't we both be right. I readily admit that my impression of Korea is colored by who I am as a person but I think the kimpartisans have a vested interest in defending the culture of Korea. If Korea holds them in high regards and I point out the myriad ways they are in fact shitheads whose opinions should never be trusted I have in essence lowered the value of their opinion of that person.

Ultimately, I don't expect them to recognize their privilege in Asia anymore than I expect them to recognize it in the U.S. I want them to keep singing Korea's name to the rafters but please don't act like I'm intellectually or socially deficient because my time in the Land of the Morning Bullshit was very different.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Taiwan Story

I have to get this down before I get bored and decide to play video games and watch porn.

So for the past 6 months I have been looking for a job in Taiwan; which in itself is a delicious tale of fuckery , lies, and incompetence that I'll talk about sometime next week, and I started to go on a few interviews after months of applications and phone calls. This is an account of my last two weeks.

Monday May 16

I call a school in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and I speak to the owner about the position she advertised. In broken English she says come down for interview and a demonstration. Now I always send my resume and photo before I go to an interview because I don't want any surprise racial shit. I have spent a lot of money on buses and taxis only to have the owner/manager suddenly slip through a worm hole in the space/time continuum when the Black guy shows up. She says no I've seen your resume I know who you are you can come. Cut to me in shitty country town wandering around the open air markets killing time until she picks me up at 10:00. We were suppose to meet at the train station but since their train station had no chairs or a.c. I walked over to the local bank. Sitting in the bank in my shirt and tie I give her a ring 10 minutes prior to our scheduled meetup.

Me: Hi this is Mike I'm at the Post Office/Bank
Jennifer: O.k. which one?
Me: The one by the train station
Jennifer: O.k.

So I go outside and I see a newish Nissan pull up to the bank and then sit there as if they are waiting on someone. Suddenly the car pulls off.


Me: Hi this is Mike again I'm sitting outside
Jennifer: O.k. I'll be right there

The car languidly rolls to a stop about 10 meters from the entrance of the post office/bank door and stops. Now please keep in mind there aren't many cars in this shit town and certainly nothing was precluding her from parking on the street next to the bank.


Me: What color car are you driving?
Jennifer: I don't know
Me: O.k. what is your license plate number
Jennifer: ( rattles off a bunch of letters and numbers)

*btw her car was graphite but gray would have been close enough. Most normal people would have said I'm in the gray Nissan Rogue but this goes to show you the level of genius I'm dealing with in this industry.

I was holding this conversation as I was closing the distance between her car and me so by the time she gave me the license plate number I had already walked the 25 feet .

We have the interview and I tell her about my years of experience and I give her a copy of my certificates, diploma and references. She then asks if I would like to demo today. I said fine what level are they she just shrugs and hands me their book.I said o.k. when is the demo starting she said after their nap at 2pm. I thought about it and I simply didn't want to sit in this hot ass school for 3.5 hours so I said I'll come back tomorrow.

She drops me off at the train station so I can take the 1.5 hour train back to my home in Tainan. The next morning after spending an hour preparing for my demo I get a call as I am literally walking out of the door.

Jennifer: Sorry I have an emergency my foreign teacher friend got in an accident in Taichung
Me : Sorry to here that
Jennifer : So I have to cancel the demo
Me : O.k. how about tomorrow (Friday)
Jennifer: I might still be in Taichung. I'll call you next week

So I haven't heard from Jennifer but her imaginary friend is in my thoughts prayers. I'm just glad I didn't waste money on a second train ticket.

Tuesday May 30

I have two interviews that day . The first interview is at 11:00 a.m. on the other side of town so I get dressed and pay a taxi 8.00 to take me over there. I arrive at about 10:30 and the gate is pulled down. Ms. Chen and the lovely people of Joy English school are nowhere to be found. So I wait and call and wait and call until finally I had to get another taxi to take me to the train station. For my second appointment of the day.

I go to this school in the city my girlfriend lives in which is about an hour north of where I live in Tainan. I arrive at the school and everything is fine until I get to the classroom. This fucking room was on the second floor of this building filled with about 20 5 year old Taiwanese kids and a white girl name Serenity. The room itself was nice but it was hotter than Satan's Anus in there. It was like Bikram preschool. So I'm standing there sweating through my undershirt and custom made blue gingham cotton dress shirt with the monogram semi-spread collar trying to teach a one off lesson to kids holding a book pointing at fruit with one hand while holding a sweat towel like Thompson in Georgetown in the other. The principal observed two minutes of my lesson and walked out so I guess I'm not getting that job.(Note: teaching kindergarten kids English is illegal in Taiwan and if caught the teacher ;not the school' faces a 5000 usd fine and immediate expulsion) I haven't heard from them which is o.k because I couldn't imagine a greater slice of shit pie than teaching illegal full day kindy in a sauna.

On my way back to my house I call Ms. Chen and she says oh so sorry about that I had an emergency. (google translate I'm an asshole and I forgot I scheduled an off hours interview) We schedule for that Friday.

Thursday May 26

I had an interview with a foreign run school in Kaoshiung. Sweet baby Jesus I hope I get this one . Western management in my favorite city 5 day work week and good pay. I'm supposed to get a call next week about the demo class.


I take another crosstown taxi to this school to meet Ms.Chen at 1:30. We are going through the perfunctory questions and answers. When it is my turn to ask a question I ask my standard how many total teachers do you have? Of that how many are foreign? How many foreign teachers complete the contract? Of those how many resign? How many teachers have you fired? So she answers the questions and then tells me she has fired 8 foreign teachers in her 10 years at the school. She then tells me she doesn't understand why I've been looking for a job for so long so I do my best to tap dance around the issue.

Ms. Chen: I don't get it you should be hired pretty quickly
Me : Well you know after Chinese Years is one of the main hiring seasons but I wasn't in
the market until just after that time.
Ms.Chen: Well I still don't see the problem
Me : Well there are a lot of job applicants for few opportunities.

So I'm tap dancing like a young Savion Glover around the issue and this bitch just will not let it go .

Ms. Chen: I don't know it should take a month or less to find a job.
Me : I don't know perhaps
Ms.Chen: I mean we have been trying for a month

This went on for 15 minutes


Me: O.k. look for every interview I go on I have to send out about 60 resumes.
Of those 60 resumes a high percentage of them would never consider a Black man.
Of the ones that would I'm still competing with everybody else for those positions. So just because it is possible doesn't mean it is probable I'll be hired. People here have their preferences and Black men aren't it.

Ms. Chen: Really

Me: Yeah I have called people back after they initiated the contact then they say we don't like
Black guy here.

So at this point my desire to work here is eroding by the nanosecond. This raggedy mouth amatuerish bitch is pontificating on her half baked racial theories and I'm just ready to leave at this point

Ms. Chen : Yeah I have a problem with Black guys too so I understand but I decide to give it a
Me : Really
Ms. Chen : Yeah one time I hired a Black guy and he was drunk and he stole some textbooks
when he quit. So I am really hoping you can change my mind about Black guys.

Me : So let me get this straight you hired a Black guy and he was a bad employee right?
Ms. Chen: Yes
(vacant look)

Me: But you have hired and fired several white male teachers since then correct?
Ms.Chen Right
Me: So a bad white teacher isn't a consideration in your hiring of a new white teacher but all future Black male applicants need to atone for what he was. That isn't fair and I'm not interested in that.

I gather my materials to leave.

Ms. Chen: Would you still like to do the demo?

Me : Hell no you don't pay enough.