Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Georgetown vs. China (Hong Man Choiism)

The crazy part is White Americans hate Black people so much that they were actually cheering for the Chinese against a group of Black Americans caught in a riot.

By now some of you have seen the brawl between the Georgetown University basketball team and the Chinese basketball team. Color me not surprised. There is a virulent strain of pussy in the hearts of a lot of Asian men. You see it a lot if you travel to niteclubs in Asian countries and they have to compete for the attention of women against foreign men. In Taiwan, I've heard first hand of accounts of men surrounding a foreigner and beating him with bamboo for approaching a local girl. In Korea, the hate and jealously is pervasive among every age group. You have young men (only in large groups) approaching guys in the street who commit the crime of holding the hand of a K-chick. While their drunken grandfathers run up and verbally accost the girl for dating foreigners. I'm no sociologist or psychologist but there seems to be a certain amount of inferiority that is over corrected when these people get a little power . In this situation I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that the Chinese team would not act that way in Georgetown's gym or a neutral floor. They felt they could do it because they were struck with a case of HONGMANCHOIISM.

HONGMANCHOIISM is the willingness of Asians to only compete/negotiate,participate when they have overwhelming power in a situation. It is named after Korean K/1 and MMA fighter who seemed to always be able to find a person he outweighed by at least a hundred pounds to fight. HONGMANCHOIISM is most pervasive for foreigners when it comes to dealing with their bosses. The Koreans and (other Asians) are awful people to work for and are in general bullies to their employees both Korean and foreign. There have been thousands of documented cases of thefts,lies, and threats but the Korean government does nothing and the reason they do nothing is because they want to keep the power in the hands of the awful Koreans to fire you, withhold your money, or have you deported.In the past 2 years they have updated the immigration laws twice to make things harder on foreign teachers yet they haven't done anything to redress the abusive immigration system and they never will.

Now HONGMANCHOIISM isn't isolated to basketball games or foreign teachers. A lot of people are happy that America is slipping from it's perch as preeminent world power but I would exercise caution. Before you go Dougeing look at how China is treating Taiwan in international competition. The Taiwanese aren't even allowed to use the name Taiwan because China decided that they didn't like in the 1970's. Long story short all the teams are called Chinese Taipei and they aren't allowed to use their national flag. So if China is that petty when it comes to insignificant bullshit like sports just imagine how they'll act on the important issues of our time.


  1. Black people are moral compass of the world.
    That being said if the "Truth hurts, say ouch"

  2. LOL good old anonymous. I don't think gangbangers and schoolchildren are the equivalent of adult professional athletes playing against a team on a goodwill mission after a state meeting. But I know you've been waiting to pull that out out of your ass for a long time.

  3. That's what I call "State-sponsored terrorism". I'm sure they got the go-ahead from the commie party to start this riot. Shameful really.

  4. "But I know you've been waiting to pull that out out of your ass for a long time." LOL You read my mind. Your racial paranoia never fails to amuse me. You seems to get a kick out of being in a abusive employer-employee relationship. I guess that explains why you are still living in East Asia. Come back to the U.S so that you can be treated like a real human being.

  5. What you sound like:

    "OMG! Everyone is racist against us black people! They hate us! White people sees us as animals. We're discriminated against. FUCK!"

    "FUcking Asians are barbaric, incompetent animals. They're subhuman and fucking retarded!"

  6. Lol if that is what you get from my blog. Oh well