Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Macau part Deux

I went to Macau yesterday on a visa run and i must say it is one of the best places I have ever been to in my life. The food is delicious Cantonese style Chinese. There are beautiful bridges connecting the different land masses and the women are stunners. I think there is some remnants of that Portugese DNA running through some of those chicks because a lot of them had nice little bubbles on them.

But what I didn't understand was this shit here.

Who the fuck is looking for the Ying Yang Twins in 2011. I thought they were in witness protection for snitching on Big Meech. I mean how does the nightclub industry work? You get rap acts that couldn't draw flies to shit at the apex of their career. Fly them to other side of the planet and then charge a cover of almost 50.00 usd to hear them recite lyrics like

Let me see you make that pussy fart
good lord make it shake like a salt shaker
to hard get it up to you can't ugh no moe
see I love when you hoes take it to tha floor
baby bounce biggy bounce ugh it's on you
shouty you can twurk in your skirt if you want
to see we came to keep it crunk for ya all night
put a dub in tha club show me what I like.

Yes children make that pussy fart. People are paying good money to hear make that pussy fart.

And this is a clip of those two cooning it up in a rented house with a bunch of staged furniture.


  1. "Blackchild: what's with all the new folks today"

    I'm pretty sure they are waiting for you reaction to the bus incident in Korea.

  2. No they are American facebook postings. As for the bus incident I don't know anything about it but I would say there were at least dozen Koreans i wanted to beat the shit out of in my time in Korea. So I understand.

  3. Why did you have to go to Macau for the visa run?

  4. You can only get a visa outside of the country.

  5. I don't think MTV staff purposefully put Kool-Aid in Ying Yang twin's refregilator. Who cares if they like Kool-Aid? I say to each his own.

  6. I didn't say they did. I said they were in a rented house with staged furniture. Don't you watch HGtv people stage houses all the time. I worked at Jennifer Convertibles and people would buy cheap couches and accessories for that purpose. But Mtv has a history of racism so I wouldn't put it past them either. More than likely they asked them what they wanted in the fridge and then stocked it accordingly.

  7. I knew about fried chicken and watermelon are major parts of black stereotypes, but I did not know Kool-Aid was one of them. I guess it is not in people's nature to view those that are different with positive attitudes and outlooks. I learned my lessons the hard way in the U.S. I live in "liberal & open-minded" Western NY. What a bunch of bullshit.

  8. Yeah Kool-Aid is third member of the holy trinity of Black stereotypes. Even though Koreans have way more fried chicken places, a watermelon museum, and readily accessible kool-aid purveyors.BTW I never eat watermelon in public or on the rind. I don't want anyone running up to me with a camera shouting found one.

  9. LOL. You never eat watermelons in public because you don't want to be filmed. I understand where you are coming from, but that is still funny.

  10. By the way, did you go to Macau to go back to Taiwan? Do you have a plan to go to China? I'm asking since Macau is China's territory.

  11. I don't understand the question I flew from Kaohsiung to Macau directly to go to the Taipei Economic office. Macau is still independent enough to have one as of right now. When Macau and Hong Kong are fully folded into China I imagine it will close. but by then I won't give a shit.

  12. In the wordz of the great Spike Lee : "Coonery Bufoonery". Funny as hell and sad at the same time :)