Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Macau part Deux

I went to Macau yesterday on a visa run and i must say it is one of the best places I have ever been to in my life. The food is delicious Cantonese style Chinese. There are beautiful bridges connecting the different land masses and the women are stunners. I think there is some remnants of that Portugese DNA running through some of those chicks because a lot of them had nice little bubbles on them.

But what I didn't understand was this shit here.

Who the fuck is looking for the Ying Yang Twins in 2011. I thought they were in witness protection for snitching on Big Meech. I mean how does the nightclub industry work? You get rap acts that couldn't draw flies to shit at the apex of their career. Fly them to other side of the planet and then charge a cover of almost 50.00 usd to hear them recite lyrics like

Let me see you make that pussy fart
good lord make it shake like a salt shaker
to hard get it up to you can't ugh no moe
see I love when you hoes take it to tha floor
baby bounce biggy bounce ugh it's on you
shouty you can twurk in your skirt if you want
to see we came to keep it crunk for ya all night
put a dub in tha club show me what I like.

Yes children make that pussy fart. People are paying good money to hear make that pussy fart.

And this is a clip of those two cooning it up in a rented house with a bunch of staged furniture.

Mike Vick 100 milli

Mike won't ever see the full 100 mill but congrats to him anyway. And fuck dogs.

Monday, August 29, 2011

BLACK MAN Lynched in Post-Racial America

Not surprising to me at all. Neither is the fact that the other teens weren't charged with a crime even though you can be charged with accessory just for knowing about a crime and those two white bitches rode shotgun.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fuck PETA (with a dick shaped veal cutlet)

Dear PETA,

Hi, this is Black America, I know we don't speak often; and judging by your most recent campaigns there can't possibly be too many of us working for your organization, but I must sincerely ask you to cut the bullshit. Leave our history and our struggle out of your animal rights bullshit because it is fundamentally not the same thing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Illegal Download Theater: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

This is super inspiring my only problem is that food is twice as expensive in Taiwan. So a 400usd budget wouldn't be adequate to eat for a month here.

You can illegally download it here .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cool Shit Thundercats

One of my favorite cartoons. Of course i was down with Panthro

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Georgetown vs. China (Hong Man Choiism)

The crazy part is White Americans hate Black people so much that they were actually cheering for the Chinese against a group of Black Americans caught in a riot.

By now some of you have seen the brawl between the Georgetown University basketball team and the Chinese basketball team. Color me not surprised. There is a virulent strain of pussy in the hearts of a lot of Asian men. You see it a lot if you travel to niteclubs in Asian countries and they have to compete for the attention of women against foreign men. In Taiwan, I've heard first hand of accounts of men surrounding a foreigner and beating him with bamboo for approaching a local girl. In Korea, the hate and jealously is pervasive among every age group. You have young men (only in large groups) approaching guys in the street who commit the crime of holding the hand of a K-chick. While their drunken grandfathers run up and verbally accost the girl for dating foreigners. I'm no sociologist or psychologist but there seems to be a certain amount of inferiority that is over corrected when these people get a little power . In this situation I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that the Chinese team would not act that way in Georgetown's gym or a neutral floor. They felt they could do it because they were struck with a case of HONGMANCHOIISM.

HONGMANCHOIISM is the willingness of Asians to only compete/negotiate,participate when they have overwhelming power in a situation. It is named after Korean K/1 and MMA fighter who seemed to always be able to find a person he outweighed by at least a hundred pounds to fight. HONGMANCHOIISM is most pervasive for foreigners when it comes to dealing with their bosses. The Koreans and (other Asians) are awful people to work for and are in general bullies to their employees both Korean and foreign. There have been thousands of documented cases of thefts,lies, and threats but the Korean government does nothing and the reason they do nothing is because they want to keep the power in the hands of the awful Koreans to fire you, withhold your money, or have you deported.In the past 2 years they have updated the immigration laws twice to make things harder on foreign teachers yet they haven't done anything to redress the abusive immigration system and they never will.

Now HONGMANCHOIISM isn't isolated to basketball games or foreign teachers. A lot of people are happy that America is slipping from it's perch as preeminent world power but I would exercise caution. Before you go Dougeing look at how China is treating Taiwan in international competition. The Taiwanese aren't even allowed to use the name Taiwan because China decided that they didn't like in the 1970's. Long story short all the teams are called Chinese Taipei and they aren't allowed to use their national flag. So if China is that petty when it comes to insignificant bullshit like sports just imagine how they'll act on the important issues of our time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

So True

Women are generally so full of shit it isn't even fun debating them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shithead of the week: Iran Hikers

So possibly innocent people are arrested and transported to prison thousands of miles from their homes held indefinitely until they are given a show trial and then sentenced to years of detention on the flimsiest of evidence and the U.S. is complaining. But America has secret jails all over the world and a prison camp in Cuba. Well I hope they are spies and not just people stupid enough to go hiking along the border of a hostile nation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shitty industry

This a letter from a recruiter I erroneously received.

I am very happy to receive your letter. And you have to answer some questions.
1、Did you get a bachelor degree? When did you get the degree, or when do you graduated in your college?
2、Do you have one of the Certificate :TEFL, TESOL ,CELTA ?
3、Do you have two years of working experience as a teacher ?
4、Are you a native English speaker?
5、Our contact should be at least one year.
6、In my ads, I said that the working place is Shenyang or Xuzhou, and which one do you prefer? Or both are OK?
7、Teaching class begins in September, so you should be here before August 25th.
8、White man or woman.

If you have any question, you can write the down and e-mail me.
your information and your wife's information shoul mail me together.
if you like you can work togrther.

Cool Shit Walking Dead

I love the Walking Dead. Those shitheads at AMC could take away that horrible Mad Men and make 30 episodes a year of TWD. What I love most about the show is going to the forums and discussing the various pro's and con's of different disaster survival techniques. Personally I favor having a small harem of women next to a large body of water like a river, lake, or the ocean. I plan on driving to Florida and then commandeering a small power boat of some sort. Scouting out a small island and building a small camp there with lots and lots of guns.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011


I haven't been posting much lately and for that I am deeply sorry. On the other hand in a few weeks I'll entertain you with tales of law suits, deportation threats, lies , lies and damn lies, and love. Stay tuned .