Monday, April 29, 2013

79 Days Left on this Bullshit Contract

So the company I work for is supposed to fly the teachers and any associated family in and out of Saudi Arabia. Well these shitstains have decided that in lieu of purchasing a ticket they will give us cash. No problem right, wrong. You see they figured out the flight in April but they won't give us the money until May. Obviously the longer you wait the more expensive the flights get. It isn't a problem for me because they figured the flight would cost 1000 I'm getting out of here for around 725 because I booked my flights two weeks ago. SO I'll get to pocket the difference but my co-teachers will have to pay the difference out of pocket .

Friday, April 26, 2013

82 Days Shout out to the homeboy B. Yoda

I have just returned from the grocery store and like everything else here it was a big hassle due to their other world level of stupidity. I bought 5 items total and when I went to pay with my debit card of course the card reader was broken. So I was instructed by the mouth breather to give my card to the other mouth breather to complete the transaction. I turn and give my card to the man and when I turn back around my food is gone. The idiot bagger gave my food away. Because they are idiots they couldn't handle the situation so I suggested to them very strongly that they give me money back.