Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bristol Palin is pregnant

This fat hypocritical abstinence only bitch went on dancing with the stars and gained 35 lbs of fat. Now unless that bitch is mainlining gravy after every 8 hour dance session I would say she is at least 4 months along.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Praise White Jesus

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I smell bullshit. I think these religious kooks took their son and implanted the idea of heaven in his head for fun and profit.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cops are bitches Update

The average American police officer is a gigantic pussy who didn't get enough attention or respect in high school so these low grade simpletons take a job in a profession in which disrespect in and of itself can be deemed a criminal offense. I've been all over the world and the only police that routinely fuck with tax paying citizens are American police. In all of the other first world countries I've been to ,the police treat their citizens like employers that should be served. In the third world countries the police had a healthy amount of fear of the local population. Either way it is better than America's bullshit law enforcement. So in the interest of being helpful I have devised a list to help you with deal with cops.

Please remember that all cops are bitches with low self-esteem who are in a permanent state of pms style cramping. I guess those gun belts throw their backs out of alignment.

Rule #1
Never answer any questions
You'll often encounter cops in your car or walking down the street and they'll get a notion in their head to fuck with you. (They call it probable cause)
If this is the situation nothing can be gained by answering their stupid fucking questions beyond giving your name.
For example when cops pull you over they'll say do you know why I pulled you over?
This isn't the time to start guessing and incriminating yourself further so just say no. He'll tell you shortly any way.
They'll also ask you where you are going or where you coming from?
He can eat a bag of dicks before I answer that question.
He asks where are you going and you answer honestly and he says "really we had a disturbance back there."
So I always say you know I'm just just trying to get back to the highway so I couldn't honestly tell you where I was, I'm unfamiliar with the area and I think I'm driving in circles.

Rule #2 No unnecessary conversation
Technically you are allowed to ask if you are under arrest or are you free to leave.
Now cops are bitches and they hate for you to know your rights let alone exercise
them so I would only question it if I'm in a public area with lots of witnesses. Otherwise say nothing
A cop is like a bitch and we all know bitches have to the last word. If you don't give it to them they'll keep escalating the encounter until they get it.

Rule #3 Searches
You don't have to consent to a search and I never do. I don't smoke weed or even drink so there is nothing dirty in my car ever. Cops will say do you mind emptying your pockets you can also refuse to do this. Remember the pussy can only pat you down if he believes you pose a threat.

Rule #4 No unnecessary conversation
Cops are prickly bitches and a lot of people lose it at this point. They have been stopped single out humiliated and they want to lash out verbally. this is what the bitch cop was hoping for because 9x out of 10 he doesn't have anything on you but you give him ammo to arrest you when you lash out at him.

Rule #5 Never let a policeman into your home
Police can only enter your home with a warrant or if there is an emergency situation. If not just like a True Blood vampire they have to be invited in. Don't invite them in, close the door and step outside to conduct your business.

Just watch the first 3 minutes

In this video you have a white woman who is unfamiliar with the concept of cops being a bitch. She is doing her loudmouthed American woman thing and the cop was determined to show her that his low self-esteem cop thing was much more powerful. In short he was going to teach this tax paying citizen a lesson. So she tries to get the last word in and walk away ;but unlike most of us who learned sticks and stones in kindergarten, this cop decided he wanted to continue the altercation . So he wrestles the woman to the ground and then dry humps her on the ground while screaming stop resisting. You can actually hear him orgasming on top of her. So while he is in his refractory period he finally figures out that he can cuff her and then proceeds to cuff her hair as well. All the while grinding against her partially exposed butt.

Now the cop is a bitch because he could have
A) let her walk away like a professional
B) refrained from screaming "it is my station" (which is the fundamental problem
with cops it isn't his station at all it is our station and he works for us)
C) Restrained her without 4 minutes of sexual assault.

This is a picture of Dr. Henry Louis Gates being led away in handcuffs because he had the temerity to ask a police man for identification inside of his own home.

This video shows the execution of a young Black man two years ago.

A lot of people maybe thinking mouthy unattractive white chick and a young Black man I'm good with that fuck 'em . My point is that they are increasingly fucking with the rest of society with their chickenshit rules and regulations. Cleveland is literally a third world shithole but the cops have enough time to stand at the bottom of bridges to set up speed traps for citizens coming home from work. All of the major roads leading out of the city have cameras. On any given night you have bullshit sobriety checkpoints and click it or ticket stops. And my point is none of this is improving the quality of life or making things safer. My car was once towed while I was on vacation in Puerto Rico from in front of my house by a cop for being parked too close to the curb. Who knew that was even an offense?

Update this video was posted today. I think this dick is French

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey Nigger

Most African-Americans have a story about the first time they were called a nigger. It's sort of like getting your racial cherry popped,or a Black bar mitzvah, because you lose all of your innocence when it comes to interracial relationships. As open and naked with your feelings as you would like to be with others not like you, in your heart of hearts you know it could instantly go in another direction.

I like this video because she hits every note of white superiority she can think of in her addition to her use of physical violence.

This maybe her contact info I'm not sure

NAME: Erika F Winchester

AGE: 55-59

ADDRESS: 21 Kimball Beach Rd

Hingham, MA 02043-1145

PHONE: (781) 749-2865

HUSBAND: Randall E Winchester

This old coot identifies herself as her aunt so you can have fun with this also my global audience of 17.