Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One more day (thanks white Jesus)

Today Saudi student came to my room with a note from my punk ass boss fat Gary. Fat Gary says that I am to give this student the final exam if his document seems legitimate in the eyes of our native Arabic speaking teacher Osama. I look at the document and it is signed by a dentist so I ask the student what's wrong and he says headache and stomach ache. Cool I have Osama ask in Arabic just so that we are clear and he says the same thing. I laugh and tell him I'm not giving him shit I'm going back to watching Fast and Furious on the projector in my room. He starts crying about his future but at this point I have had an assfull of Saudis and the administration. I'm tired of being treated like shit. I'm tired of being treated like I am less than. So fuck it and fuck him. If he was interested he would have showed up to take his test on the two other test dates. Besides that fuck would have never passed that test anyway and even if he got a perfect score he still would have flunked the course.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

14 Days ( The Dumbest article I have ever read in my life)


14 days left on this bullshit contract. I can't wait to leave this shitty country. Next week Ramadahn starts and I may or may not be able to find food during the day. They are holding my pay until the final week so they can have plenty of time to fuck up the computation.  I have added new pictures to my Tumblr page. I especially like the photos of their submerged vehicles. These derelict nutjobs are too busy praising and not working to build a sewer system so whenever it rains( and it rains a lot here) the streets flood and a good time is had by me watching adult men pull up their dresses as they attempt to cross the street.

The lifehacker article talks about a new motivational technique in which employees pretend to be receiving 300 dollars per hour to boost productivity. I'm sorry my imagination just isn't that good. My attitude is my work matches the pay I receive . If the employer is paying little I do as little as possible. If I like the job I go so far as to pretend that I'm working hard while doing for very little. Right now my students are in handout city because I stopped giving a fuck about teaching when the company screwed me out of a day of pay in February. So they come in I give them a reading comprehension worksheet that I may or may nor check at the end of the class. In the afternoon I show movies. It is very difficult to find movies that are completely sexless so I feel that I am working hard on that front.