Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One more day (thanks white Jesus)

Today Saudi student came to my room with a note from my punk ass boss fat Gary. Fat Gary says that I am to give this student the final exam if his document seems legitimate in the eyes of our native Arabic speaking teacher Osama. I look at the document and it is signed by a dentist so I ask the student what's wrong and he says headache and stomach ache. Cool I have Osama ask in Arabic just so that we are clear and he says the same thing. I laugh and tell him I'm not giving him shit I'm going back to watching Fast and Furious on the projector in my room. He starts crying about his future but at this point I have had an assfull of Saudis and the administration. I'm tired of being treated like shit. I'm tired of being treated like I am less than. So fuck it and fuck him. If he was interested he would have showed up to take his test on the two other test dates. Besides that fuck would have never passed that test anyway and even if he got a perfect score he still would have flunked the course.

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  1. Let me congratulate you for being one of the most self-deluded people who has ever been stupid enough to post their self-delusions on the net.

    Well adjusted, intelligent people looking at your constant self-screwing-over ramblings here wonder why you don't understand that doing the same mistake over and over again and wondering why things aren't different, is the definition of insanity.

    You're not insane but certainly a sociopath who wanders where he is allowed to get a visa and then finds himself finding every reason to hate the host country. I'd say the gigantic chip you carry on your shoulder wherever you go invites people to knock it off.

    Yes, yes, you've met people who haven't been good people to work with or know but to any reasonable person reading this blog it is clear that wherever your skin color-obsessed, self-deluded selfish self goes, others are reacting to what you're bringing. Wherever you go there you are.

    Sure Korea doesn't sound a great place to hang around in but why did you go back and keep doing what you did before at some point? You tell us without irony that you had already been in Korea some time, left and then returned in 2009 or whatever. Why? You're a self pitying sucker, that's why.

    And desperate for money. This desperation runs throughout your blog like a stray cat smelling a tiny bit of fish stuck somewhere on a finished can in the trash. All the fronting about hand made shirts and suits that you wear to weddings or for some reason to stinky, sweaty Taiwanese so called 'English schools' to try for jobs that you know are illegal to work at, can't hide your desperation.

    Seems to me that you and Cleveland are a match made in heaven. It's meant to be. You fit into the dysfunction just as snugly as you fit into that govt job as part of a quota for people whose skin is black. Meanwhile you and many others scream about racism while benefiting from quotas in govt jobs, quotas in colleges including Ivy League ones while poor Asians have to be twice or three times as good as blacks who get the elevator ride (Michelle Obama for one who didn't have the academic level before Princeton to even be a Princeton typist in the office), section 8 housing, the freebies that come with it and rejoice in their Obama phones and EBT cards.

    Get back to where you once belonged.