Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shitty industry

This a letter from a recruiter I erroneously received.

I am very happy to receive your letter. And you have to answer some questions.
1、Did you get a bachelor degree? When did you get the degree, or when do you graduated in your college?
2、Do you have one of the Certificate :TEFL, TESOL ,CELTA ?
3、Do you have two years of working experience as a teacher ?
4、Are you a native English speaker?
5、Our contact should be at least one year.
6、In my ads, I said that the working place is Shenyang or Xuzhou, and which one do you prefer? Or both are OK?
7、Teaching class begins in September, so you should be here before August 25th.
8、White man or woman.

If you have any question, you can write the down and e-mail me.
your information and your wife's information shoul mail me together.
if you like you can work togrther.

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