Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cool Shit Walking Dead

I love the Walking Dead. Those shitheads at AMC could take away that horrible Mad Men and make 30 episodes a year of TWD. What I love most about the show is going to the forums and discussing the various pro's and con's of different disaster survival techniques. Personally I favor having a small harem of women next to a large body of water like a river, lake, or the ocean. I plan on driving to Florida and then commandeering a small power boat of some sort. Scouting out a small island and building a small camp there with lots and lots of guns.


  1. Love the show. 6 episode season was bs. It was also good to see Lennie James on tv again. He seems to have a knack for survivalist roles (Jericho was also entertaining for the most part and worth checking out).

  2. Thanks,it looks interesting, I'll definitely check it out.You still in Taiwan?

  3. yeah man still here i gotta write about my court experience sometime next week