Thursday, November 3, 2011

parents are shit stains.

Why is it that we allow children to be tortured in the United States.

The Pain
The Tears
The Pleading

If she was a dog PETA would be all over of this.

This asshole is the honorable Judge William Adams
His daughter Hillary; whose blood curdling screams you hear on the tape suffers from

Ataxic Cerebral Palsy:
Low muscle tone and poor coordination of movements is described as ataxic cerebral palsy. Children with ataxic cerebral palsy look very unsteady and shaky. This rare form of cerebral palsy affects the sense of balance and depth perception. Affected persons often have poor coordination and walk unsteadily with a wide based gait, placing their feet unusually far apart. They have a lot of shakiness, like a tremor you might have seen in a very old person, especially when they are trying to handle or hold a small object such as a pen. Because of the shaky movements and problems coordinating their muscles, children with ataxic cerebral palsy may take longer than other children to complete certain tasks such as writing a sentence. This form affects about 5-10 percent of the children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

If he did this to an elderly person he would be charged with abusing the elderly.
If he did this to his wife he would be charged with spousal abuse and forced to leave.
If he did this to the family dog ASPCA would break their foot off in his ass.
So when do we start protecting children?

This Devery Brooxs asshole is hell bent on humiliating this child. Good thing the police arrested this asshole. He can miss me with all the pro-Black shit.

You can't even do this to prisoners of war

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