Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Korean Bitchassness

I don't want to mince words. Please go fuck yourselves.

America has placed a standing army of over 28,000 U.S. soldiers in South Korea for over 5 decades . We spent hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of man hours trying to teach Korea to be less bitchlike . If it wasn't for us you all would be a foot shorter and starving to death like your brethren up north. But one G.I. in the foreign army you invited to your shores to set up permanent residency decides to rape a chick and you bitches take to the street . Fuck you, what you should be saying is never in the history of the world has a foreign army acted so malevolently towards the native people of a land foreign to themselves. No widespread systemic raping and pillaging, no proxy governments installed, no resource rape(as if Korea had anything valuable),nothing just the willingness of our government to do whatever we came to assuage the prickly Korean ego. So those three ignorant bitches should go over to the Blue house and tell the president that they want to cut G.I. crime 100% in 6 months by removing U.S. forces. But they aren't going to do that are they? They can't even stop a bunch of starving North koreans from bombing them whenever they feel like it or Chinese fisherman from giving them the business. So fuck these bitches and their protest because the only reason they can grow double chins and that jowly countenace is because America has been giving South Korea welfare for decades.

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  1. I'm sure that most of that aid money came from white people.