Wednesday, November 9, 2011

R.I.P Heavy D

Steve Jobs died and quite frankly I didn't give a fuck. As far as I am concern Apple will still make billions by employing desperate Chinese labor and raping African materials all while not contributing one thin dime to charity here or abroad. But Heavy D hits me where I live. I remember getting my first kiss back in 1990 at a house party in Cleveland. Rocking my USED jumper and high top fade. Doing the kid n play kick step and slow grinding on some young girls backside.I miss my homie and one of my best friends who was at those parties with me James Womack. He died 2 years ago after his transplant didn't take.

I'm watching the video and I forgot about the short sets with the patent leather shoes. I remember saving up my allowances so I could buy a white silk two piece with the Louis Vuiton embroidered trim. And of course the dances.

Coca-Cola gear you weren't shit without some Coca-Cola and some Cazals

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