Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dingaling Cain and Slutty Sharon Bialek

Here at Blackchild Industries we slut shame.

This woman is full of shit. I don't doubt that this is her partial recollection of the events of that night. But what I do doubt is it an anyway being a traumatic incident in her life that requires her to call a presser about an incident from a decade ago.

Ask Yourself
How many former employees of mid-level organizations get taken out to dinner to discuss career options by the CEO of the company? This woman knew what she was trading on in this situation and then she clutches her pearls when he bluntly pursues the currency she was offering. It was a set up and a sham. Who needs to fly to another city to make the kind of appeal she wanted to make? When finding themselves in a suite paid for by their former employer what professional wouldn't immediately demand that they pay the difference? She didn't do those things because she planned on stringing Herm along until she got to her next position ,she had to keep that sexual tension going. But ol' Herm pressed the issue. He took two shots and then took her home but she was sexually assaulted and needs to come forward about a man who took her on a date and then tried to get some sex .

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault? I don't think so. I know with the broadness of our current laws and our sexual climate sexual assault can occur whenever a man is within earshot of a woman but please. If you aren't taking out one of those Law&Order:SVU dolls and pointing to your no-no parts while you are coloring I don't want to hear about it

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  1. I agree. Nowadays, anything physical between a man and a woman can be interpreted as sexual harassment.

    If you were a journalist/reported at that conference, what would you ask her?

    And you are right; any ethical person would either refuse the upgrade or would pay the difference, unless she's clueless/naive which would explain her losing her job.