Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Funny Because It's True

This cartoon is far from all-encompassing of white privilege but it is very good.


  1. Whites, Hispanics, Blacks and Asians in this order make up the largest demographic component of the USA population.

    When it comes to median income the order is slightly reversed: Asians, Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, well at least to the outdated wiki numbers:

    "Personal income varied significantly with an individual's racial characteristics with racial discrepancies having remained largely stagnant since 1996. Overall Asian Americans enjoyed higher median personal incomes than any other racial demographic.[14] The only exception was among the holders of graduate degrees who consititute 8.9% of the population. Among those with a Master's, Professional or Doctorate degree those who identified as White had the highest median individual income. Asian Americans had a median income roughly ten percent higher than that of Whites. This racial income gap was relatively small.[14][15]
    The largest racial gap was between Whites and African Americans with the former earning roughly 22% more than the latter. Thus one can observe a significant discrepancy with the median income of Asians and Whites and that of African Americans and Hispanics.[16] Those identifying as Hispanic or Latino who may have been of any race had the lowest overall median personal income, earning 28.51% less than Whites[15][17] and 35% less than Asian Americans.[14]"

    I haven't done much research on financial success based on race aside from referring to wiki. I believe that Asian median income has fallen below Whites' during this recession b/c a huge chunk of Asian population lives in CA (a state that has been affected by housing crisis).

    Nevertheless, when talking about white privilege, how would you factor in the success of Asian immigrants and their offspring in America, most of whom arrived in the country after 1960?

    The percentage of Asians, age 25 and older, who have a bachelor's degree or higher level of education. Asians have the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group in the country and this compares with 28 percent for all Americans 25 and older."

  2. I'll answer the question, but that is a lot of typing and I'm not sure you aren't trolling. So I'll give you some materials to read

    I think you want to make a model minority argument ;which you are free to do, but I'm going to need you to read some things before I engage with you.

  3. I realize something the other day. White folks fail at everything they fairly compete at unless they build it on the backs of someone else.

    Think about the great societies of the west; crumbling to pieces in less than 300 years.

    Look at the great cultures of the east, they were doing fine up until the Mercantilism pressed onto them like the yolks around the slaves necks.

    Look at India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, all of the great nation of old, lasting for thousands of years.

    They always talk about the Greeks and Romans as centers of civilization but it has been proven that they learned that from the middle east and that knowledge came up from Africa.

    even after the exploitation of africa, asia, and the middle east for the few centuries the west had held power. We see the fruits of their labor.

    White man it's only fair when we do it.

  4. if you are going to say all of that you should put your name on it

  5. I'm the anonymous making the model minority argument. I'm not trolling but I'm simply saying what I heard in the American media growing up. When I went to University of California, I noticed that my econ classes were about 45% Asian/45% white and everyone else fit in the 10%. Same thing happened in calculus, statistics, etc. Compare that to CA's population.

    Going back to HS, b/c I went to a public HS in SF, about 75-80% of the student body was Asian. My freshman and sophomore years I had blacks and Hispanics in my classes, but as I progressively moved to AP and Honors courses in my junior and senior years, it was just whites (of this group, they were predominately Russians and Russian Jews who were immigrants) and Asians.. Asians being the predominant group overall. There was only one black guy in my AP class and he was half-Filipino with his an identity crisis; he wanted to be Asian and fit in with Asians. I attribute his identity crisis to two things:
    1) his black father ditched his mother
    2) his Filipino extended family were racist against him for being black.

    I will read the articles you've posted tomorrow.

    The reason I've posed these questions for you is that I wanted to hear the perspective of an educated black individual juxtaposing white privilege and the success Asian Americans have in the US (model minority argument).

    What I want to know is, "Does white privilege somehow extends to Asians b/c if it does not, then white privilege no longer exists!" For example, the governors of Louisiana and South Carolina, which are deep South states, are Indian-Americans.

    From what I gather, the other anonymous below me is talking about "Black Athena" argument, a book which I have never bothered to read but heard about long time ago from my black roommate.


  6. I'd just like to add a reply to the other anonymous. "Black Athena" argument that Africans taught Greeks rests on the hypothesis that Egyptians were black. I doubt that ancient Egyptians considered themselves as sub-Saharan Africans in the modern racial sense of view. I do not deny that ancient Mediterranean cultures traded goods, ideas, and knowledge among themselves, but claiming ancient Egyptians were sub-Saharan Africans is a stretch for me by any means of imagination.

    Would you say these images were doctored/fake by Europeans?

    ^I believe the last image is of Libyan, Nubian, Syrian, and Egyptian in that order from left to right.

    As far as I can tell, the people who used to live in North Africa resemble modern-day Berbers, before Arab conquest of North Africa around 9th-10th centuries.


  7. Alright, I read your articles.

    The first one was super long, but the main gist of it is that "the threat of being negatively stereotyped in the environment" negatively impacts black's performance on standardized tests.

    Being white, I find it difficult to comprehend, but again that is why I'm here posing questions b/c I cannot be black or see the angle of someone who's Afro-American.
    If I take this argument, are you then saying that the threat of being stereotyped goes beyond taking standardized tests and performing in classroom to life beyond college? Also, if this is a problem and it has been identified, what solutions would you propose? As far as I can see, there's no easy solution as you can't force non-black people to stop thinking of blacks as under-achievers. Has this been a problem for you in the States, and if so, how did you dealt with it, if at all?

    Regarding my model minority argument about Asians, would you say that Asians perform so well b/c the stereotypes (doing well in math) actually reinforce them to do better than they normally would?

    Speaking about life beyond college. I noticed that in second article you've provided, (the Mean Annual Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers above 20) black women in 1979 earned 99% of what white women earned, and 95% in 1989. However, when it came to black men, the ratio was 68% in '79 and 67% in '89. Why the gender gap between black men and black women vis-a-vis white men and white women? Would you argue that black men are more racially stereotyped than black women (I think it's true) and that's is why there's a gender/racial gap? Does it have to do with incarceration rates or perhaps black women attend college in larger number and have lower drop-out rates? I'm curious to hear your opinion on that.

    Regarding the last article about unemployment during recession. Do you think that it's racism (black get hired last and fired first), manufacturing jobs moving to Asia, blacks being over-represented in government jobs which are being cut b/c of budget deficits, fill-in-the blank reasons, or a combination of all of them. If it's a combination of all of them, what % figure would you put on racism?


  8. Will you be teaching English in Saudi Arabia?