Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Drew is an asshole (update)

This is obviously some staged shit. You notice "crazybruh" was stuttering and stammering because his improv skills weren't up to par. His ignorant and incoherent ramblings were juxtaposed perfectly with Dr. Drew's staid, intellectual countenance. It didn't hurt that "crazybruh" was wearing a loud neon pink silk shirt. Now the sluttish looking Jezebel walking archetype goes over and initiates physical contact and the hypersexual Black man has no choice but to fondle her shamelessly on national t.v. At this moment Dr. Drew gets to play white daddy and save the Black whore from the rapacious Negro. It's as if they decided to take a few hundred years worth of Black stereotypes boil them with some baking soda and then freebase it into a 2 minute clip.

There are serious discussions going on in the Black community about the direction and quality of Black love and marriage in the 21st century. Dozens of scholars and hundreds of clowns have spilled rivers of cyberink on the subject. But for Dr. Drew's show he had to get the preeminent scholars in Black America.

( I couldn't find his videos yesterday)

Now her name on Youtube is OSCARWINNERJARKATA and between that and that terrible line reading it is pretty obvious that this whole interaction was staged. But to whose benefit? This seems to be a very long road to travel to entertain white people.

I blame this guy.The woman is a failed actress and the retarded brother is an attention whore but this moist shit stain should know better .

His name is Paul Carrick Brunson and he advocates tricking as a way to impress women.This highly educated Black men stood back and collected his check while those white folks orchestrated coonfest 2011.

Now some of you maybe asking your self well if you had a chance to be on t.v. you would do it wouldn't you Mike?

To that I say fuck you you don't know me son

This shitty t.v. show approached me to be on an episode about self-hating Black people. Here is the email interaction.

(click on the pic to enlarge)

His email is @BillCunninghamshow which is the same as the website.


  1. Lol...I saw this. I hate this shit. I spend time doing grunt work, trying to make things better and here comes crazybruh wearing a bright ass neon pink shirt to be a complete fuck up. I could spend five years mentoring and educating black people and all of it will be ignored by some feminizi at Cluck Magazine in favor of crazybruh's dumb ass. I hope he at least got paid to play his position. I was wondering if the best thing to do is ignore it, but it's quite impossible. Crazy Bruh will be elevated to spokesman for the black male. Now, of course, if you mention how fake this is and how much of a distraction it is from the real issues, you will be portrayed as someone who defends his behavior or ignores how "prevalent it must surely be." And double lol at you being approached by the Bill Cunningham show. I think I've seen a commercial for it once. If you go, can I ask that you don't pull a crazybruh? Don't pull a Herman Cain. Don't pull a Barack Obama. If you don't have a strong message and articulate it well and repeatedly, they will edit your ass to make you look like you're tap dancing while singing "Don't trust them new niggas over there" by Uncle

  2. I just went on her fb page and somebody asked her flat out if that was a stunt and she refused to answer. Great body on her though.

  3. Speaking of "rapacious Negros," I would like to hear your opinion on sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas:

    short version:

    vis-a-vis the recent allegations against Herman Cain:

    I realize that I am biased by juxtaposing two conservative Republicans with similar problems when seeking an opinion from you, but I'd like to know your opinion about these two individuals as if they were only individuals without any party/labels attached to them.

    So, what do you think of Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain? Second, do you think they were set up for sexual harassment charges? Third, do you think they're Uncle Toms or they are simply tools without realizing they are tools?

    I look forward to your insights.

  4. Cain and Thomas are both tools even though I'm convinced they've convinced themselves otherwise. I know Thomas surrounds himself with people who agree with him(conservative ideologues like Mark Levin) so he's aware of the problems people have with his philosophy and hypocrisy, but he doesn't give a fuck. I knew he was full a shit when these charges first surfaced. I remember half jokingly saying shit like, " I would prefer an Assassin's bullet compared to this high tech lynching" whenever I did something fucked up and wanted to escape punishment. I knew he was fucked up back in 91 before I really knew anything of politics. I just read people. His years on the bench since have only confirmed to me that I'm pretty good at reading people. I never believed Clarence Thomas. He's a wretched individual. I think the charges against him are legit. 

    Cain is a stooge. I'm not sure if the charges against him are legit but, at the very least, he's incompetent. It's like he has no idea what's happening. This is the type of shit you should be ready for. Instead,he's giving out half assed responses and doesn't recall signing off on a settlement? If he had some illegitimate kids out there it's like he wouldn't even think about coming up with a statement to address the issue until he gets "blindsided" by a reporter. I think he's in over his head, but so was/is Obama so I guess that doesn't disqualify him. I think his background as a talk radio host helps him immensely, but like most other hosts on AM, I think he has nothing worth saying. In Cain's case, I do think the release of these charges is convenient. It's probably was done on purpose to dampen enthusiasm about him. I've also noticed they keep playing these commercials highlighting the lives of Mormons on Fox to make people think they're not as weird as they clearly  I'm guessing the establishment is still behind Romney, but Cain still has a role to play and, if he's willing to play that role, he can have a lot of influence and make a grip in the process.

  5. All of that was basically to say this: I hope all the bad things in life happen to them. They've earned it.