Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Meanwhile in Brooklyn

But I'm glad Ol' Sarge is hellbent on keeping the whitefolks safe. I mean we all know how often white people are pepper sprayed, beaten , and killed by police.


  1. Wall St Clip: Why are you so bitter that former marine was standing up for non-black people?

    Jim Hoffer Clip: This clip makes me think of some of the things that I witnessed as a college student. I used to live in the black hood of some third tier city in upper state NY. There was a police check point near my home since a crime had been committed. I can't recall what kind of incident had happened, but I remember seeing cops searching all the black drivers, yet they let go of non-black drivers without even raising eyebrows. I guess the suspect was black, but the incident left me with odd conflicting feeling. A part of me was thinking that if the suspect was black then it made sense to stop black drivers. Still, it also looked like a classic case of profiling.

  2. I'm not bitter at all. But if the brother wanted to really defend the defenseless are white hipsters the way to go? As for the second clip you clearly don't understand what's going on. The police are stopping and frisking Black men on the street with no probable cause. There is no crime investigation in progress just the low-level humiliation that those white kids at Zucotti Park will leave behind the minute they go home shower , cut their hair, put on their J.Crew and return to their place in our society.

  3. that fool is wasting his time. first he takes the zionist orders carrying his ignorant ass over and kill black and brown people then wanna come back and preach.

    They should throw his ass in the brig.

    I bet he stopped at mcdonalds to get a 99 cent hamburger and a 10 dollar cup of starbucks on his way to demonstrate.

    military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign **and domestic** policy.

  4. @ 3rd anonymous: Feel free to stand in front of these military men when things do get dangerous.

  5. So let me get this straight. we have a standing army that cost almost a trillion dollars every year, that is filled with 10,000's of people not doing much of anything and when the time comes for them to earn their pay you expect a civilian to stand in for them? How does that make sense we pay them to fight and to die.

  6. Anonymous said...
    @ 3rd anonymous: Feel free to stand in front of these military men when things do get dangerous.

    You are a fool. Either your brainwashed by the media or don't understand the world at all. If you served in the military you should know they sit around most days doing nothing but playing video games in their barracks or ships. Even in the middle east they waste time playing games.

    They get paid to kill and be killed, plain and simple. pawns on a chessboard and nothing more. They aren't paid to think or have opinions or none of that shit, so after he accepted their contract, accepted their pay and probably still accepting benefits, coming back shouting like he's a part of the solution. F*ck him and anyone else in the military who think they are patriotic or any of that other bullshit. They are the tools of the parasite that are slowly destroy the world.

    The dumb animals quote you should research who said that...

    The world doesn't need america to protect it. Go study and try to understand what's really going on.