Monday, October 24, 2011

I don't hit women but...

Hot asian girl breaks PS3 with hammer!! (this is a video link)

I would beat the brakes off of her. I think there is a general disrespect of men by women in today's society. I don't have any empirical evidence but it just seems to me that Don Draper, Ricky Ricardo, or Ralph Cramden wouldn't worry about their favorite humidor or scotch tumbler being destroyed by their broads in a fit of rage and I think it is because women back then knew that a Godfather/Ike Turner style assbeating was always on the table. That was wrong of course but I think the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and women now feel empowered to engage men in physical conflicts as long as white daddy is a 911 call away. This is actually dangerous for women because while most men will tolerate a certain level of physical abuse from a woman there is a line that when crossed there is no retreating from. Boys are socialized to understanding this concept from an early age. Women not so much.

P.S. where was that white woman screaming and hollering when those two bulls were slapping a McDonald's employee in the face. The most disgusting part of that video is the fact that those two chicks thought that it was o.k. to lay hands on a 32 year old man working the register at a fast food joint. And where was the manager? That brother should be given a U.N. humanitarian award.

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