Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fuck you , Fuck you , Fuck You (Precious is coming to Taiwan)

I was at the gym doing my cardio and flipping through the channels. When I saw a commercial for this shit here.

That's right children Goddamn Precious is coming to Taiwan. The worst film in the history of Black cinema will be splashed all over t.v. screens across Taiwan. Luckily Asians don't like to watch Black people in movies so maybe we can localize the damage to a few thousand households. This song is a clarion call for white people in these tough economic times. It has incest,illiteracy, poverty, and rape a veritable smorgasbord of Black pathology. The white feel good movie of the year.

But you know who I hold responsible for this shit stain on Celluloid


You see children somebody at Lionsgate saw a rough cut of this film and said this is good for white folks but the darkies might go apeshit we need some cover. So they called America's favorite mammy and the #1 cross dressing Black director in Hollywood and asked them to put their names on this fuckery. They said yes because white people told them to and in a time when the first family is Black we were treated to Precious .

White folks were so happy that they gave Mo'nique an Oscar for confirming everything they thought about Black women.

Tyler Perry was so envious of that success he pulled on his Victoria Secret's and ran to get some financing so he could try to get an Oscar nomination.So one good turn deserves another and Lionsgate provided the funding and distribution for this nonsensical abortion.

Oprah mammy in chief wasn't done endorsing fuckery because she lent her name to 2011's white feel good movie.

In 2011 a coming of age story about a white woman and her mammy. My Great-Great Grandmother was alive when I was a small boy. She was born in Arkansas in the small years of the 20th century and to my knowledge never attended a school. She bore one child ;my great-grandmother, in Arkansas. To my knowledge she never attended high school. My Great-Grandmother had one child and raised her in Youngstown Ohio. My grandmother never finished high school. My point is none of these women sounded like slaves like the bitches in this film. " My favorite quote is "they love us and we love them ." Really, so thousands of Black women had no greater aspirations than to take a segregated bus to the white side of town. Cook and clean for racist white people all day, get back on the segregated bus before sundown(very important) and then tend to their own families 6 days per week.

Now I know the moral of the story is that there was some sort of fake ass sisterhood between southern white women and their Black mammies;but, that ain't the truth. Truth is they were right there every step of the way and movies like the Help are doing a disservice to the historical record.

Precious is a shameful piece of shit that finally wiped Monster's Ball from my pre-frontal lobe as the most disgusting film ever. i would rather watch two girls and one cup on a loop than to sit through a screening of Precious.


  1. From my experience outside of the states, as well as those I've encountered here that are fresh out the boat or plane or inner tube from another country, there is this perception that these films depict typical life for black people in the U.S. I meet people from every damn continent whose only encounter with black people come from these films or B.E.T. It's usually not even worth trying to correct them :0(. In the U.S, you will have people who reject this bullshit, but even they are in short supply, particularly if the film is largely an affront to black men. Nobody gives a shit about that because they've accepted it as a true and accurate depiction in most cases.

  2. My conclusion is that people get sexually aroused by this garbage. Why would they keep making/watching them? I sure as hell don't.

  3. Spike Lee needs come up with something.

  4. I haven't seen Precious or Monster's Ball, but Beloved has to be up there on the list of the worst black movies of all time. And Oprah did that too.

  5. ^^^^That's exactly the point I was trying to make in a post about Korean bus incident: that people, particularly from non-Western countries who have never met a black person in their life, get their only perceptions about blacks through American media/Hollywood/Internet youtube videos.

    Before my family came here to US from E.Europe, I didn't have any opinions about blacks at all b/c we immigrated three years after USSR broke up and the only American film I saw was Terminator I as former USSR was only in the early stage of opening up to the West.

    However, I also came across an interesting read about an examination of 1988 Nanjing riots against Africans in China. I imagine at that time there weren't much of Internet/American media penetration in China so perhaps an alternative explanation of anti-black sentiment is needed. I think that perhaps a chapter from this book may shed some light: