Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kaohsiung Pics

I was taking pictures of the bridge when this boy and his grandmother rolled up on a scooter.

This is my girlfriend.

This building has apartments starting at about a million us dollars.

I live in a rich area of Kaohsiung and this is one of the light bridges that crosses the water and streets.

Fat Taiwanese woman.

You can go in here and a team of Taiwanese women will let you get Taiwanese titty milk straight from the tap. I bought a box of cereal and went to town. Seriously, I love it because in America women just plop their flap jack out in the middle of wherever the fuck instead of taking care of their biological functions in shame behind close doors.

This fuck at Costco was in the line for 15 minutes and still couldn't decide what he wanted to eat. The fucking menu literally had literally less than 10 items on it.

This my ground floor apartment. Anytime of the day you are guaranteed to see me at least partially nude if you decide to look inside. The window is only about 3 feet off the ground. My girlfriend refuses to come to my house unless I agree to shut the windows and run the a.c. You can also very easily hear what I'm doing whether it be sex with the old lady, porn, or video games.

This is the funniest pic. I see it everyday at the gym. Taiwan should really get rid of its military. Look at the guy 2nd to the right.


  1. nice pictures, kaohsiung looks cool.
    I'd hit the fat Taiwanese chick :D

  2. "You can also very easily hear what I'm doing whether it be sex with the old lady, porn, or video games." LOL. Has anyone complained yet?

  3. a)Fuck'em
    b)Because of the stairwell I don't share any interior walls other than the 12 foot ceiling with anyone else. So they aren't hearing it in their rooms.
    d)There are no children living in this building. Everybody except me is a college student. So I imagine a lot of fucking,porn, and video games are going on in their rooms as well.

  4. If that is the case then keep making noise. LOL.