Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Horrible Bosses is some racist bullshit

There is a scene where the characters need to hire an assassin so they ask the GPS where can they find the scum of the Earth. The GPS sends them to a Black bar which is particularly offensive because it looks exactly like my uncle's bar in Cleveland. It wouldn't be any less racist if he said to the ONstar take me to the niggas.


  1. I should get that GPS for this Christmas. :) Stop acting like a weenie.

  2. That move is fuckedDecember 8, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    The only weenie is you. It's 2011 in the US and it's like a Black President aint there and Martin Luther King never lived. Note how in multiracial/multicolored US they go to a Black bar to find the biggest scumbags.

    The actors/producers/director of this trash need to use a GPS to locate the biggest assholes - themselves.

  3. The GPS took them to a bar in a location with a very high rate of violent crime (homicide, grand theft auto).

    You do your own research and tell me what kind of neighborhoods they tend to be.

  4. The whole movie is over-the-top, with characters who are basically caricatures.

    Naturally, in this PC age, people whined about it being sexist, homophobic, and racist, but no one in this movie comes across looking good.

    It's a farce comedy, a satire with dark humor that you aren't supposed to take seriously.

    People are so PC nowadays, I'm not surprised people aren't calling "dark humor" racist.