Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday 192 days left. Reader Email

This is where they cut off heads with a giant sword children. You maybe saying to yourself  Wow they use to cut off heads there. No this is where they cut off people heads now . The last one happened in September so they should be due for another one in the next couple of months. 

Yesterday I fasted until 4 and then I had a double cheeseburger no bread a protein shake and then I did my 30 minute walk to the gym. 
I had a good hypertrophy back and shoulder workout. After I came home and ate  a chicken breast.  My weight today is 111.1 

One of my readers had this question.

I thought Saudi Arabia demands MAs and Phds from its Engrish teachers. Dya have a higher degree? If not, how did ya get the job?

Saudi Arabia is like a guy at a niteclub. In the beginning you only want to speak to 10's but at the end of the night a strong 4 will do. In May and June they demand Masters Degrees in Linguistics from Harvard. They will keep on with that dumb shit until they realize that those type of people won't come to Saudi. In August they look at their teaching roster and panic because they are only at 40% capacity and so they drop the dumber requirements. In October they may only reach about 60% of the required teachers and then they start to panic . This is the sweet spot . The contract being resigned is based on the companies ability to recruit and retain teachers. So if you have your paperwork, teaching experience (especially in Middle East/ Saudi) ,and you are willing to come you can negotiate a better deal than you can in September.

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