Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dumbest Place on Earth

This is what a good 70% of Saudi Arabia looks like .

I learned yesterday that the contract is up for the company I work for with the college I work at. So you might be saying to yourself Oh well next year things might change but what do you care your contract is up in 188 days anyway. Oh no children the contract is up at the end of January and I might be out of a job some time in Feb. Apparently they hired me and signed me to a one year deal without the capability of providing a year's worth of work. And the funny thing is everyone including the management of the company operates as if this isn't a strange occurrence. The organization I contract just spent 2,000 usd to rent an apartment for me for the next 6 months. They are still wasting time sending lower management around the country for training and they are still hassling me about my comings and goings. 

If the company loses the contract it will probably to a German company called Jizz educational. So my options are 
in order of preference 

Go back to Taiwan watch t.v. and play video games (study for m.a.)

Try my luck with German Jizz if my current company loses the contract

Transfer to a totally different company in a better part of this  hole and negotiate for 4 months of work. 

If my company retains the contract ( doubtful) finish my 188 days and then get  out of here.


  1. The idea of not being able to have a beer when coming back home from work horrifies me.

    When reading your articles, I feel like reading the diary of an inmate from Oswald State Correctional Facility. Well, minus the dope.

  2. You do know that 'jiz' means cum in Brit slang?
    Sounds like the German company might not be the best fucking choice.

    I thought you were banned from Taiwan - you said you'd give the Taiwan banishment story but it never happened here. How can you go back to Taiwan if you were kicked out?

    And even Korea is better than your current shithole.