Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lazy 189 days left

This is the front desk staff at the hotel I live in. They are just as active and professional when they are awake.

So yesterday we had a staff meeting which is among the bigger waste of time considering that there are only 5 teachers and 1 supervisor. My boss; an American, told us that the Saudi brain trust decided that they now want us to turn in weekly lesson plans. The Saudi in charge of us has no direct ties or even authority over us and in fact he holds one of those no-show high salary jobs Saudi is famous for. In fact I think his main responsibility is making sure there is paper in the copier which  has been out of paper for at least a week now. This fuck stick gets here around 10 and leaves at 2 has decided that we don't do enough work so I'll write 7 lesson plans and I will keep submitting them over and over again until he notices. 

I forgot to post my weight today because I didn't weigh in. This morning I was too busy making my world class chicken salad. My chicken salad consists of two chicken breast brine overnight in a saltwater/sugar solution. I also use green apples 4 tablespoons of mayo, a 1/4 lb of salted and unsalted pecans  and cream cheese and 4 eggs . 

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