Friday, January 4, 2013

My future ex-wife Super Fantab Fatter Friday

Head of a sheep being ripped apart by the jaw.
For some reason I'm not allowed to comment on my own blog so I'll make a post to respond to my future second wife(2nd of 4 Saudi style). I drink a gallon of water because I believe it flushes out the kidneys and keeps the entire operation flowing. I also practice intermittent fasting and the eat stop eat technique as well. Using these techniques I have lost about 17 kilos.

I went to the gym had a great workout but I made my patented Apple Cinnamon Yogurt smoothies while eating nachos and playing the new Call of Duty so my weight is up to 110.2 . I'm fasting today and I might do a leg workout. Tomorrow I start a low carb diet to bust me out of the 109-110 ghetto I've been stuck in.

This is a picture of my gym. You maybe asking yourself why there is no light? Well children, Saudis pray 5x per day and during prayer time they turn off everything and lock the doors so if I am in the middle of a workout I have to complete it in the dark. Dangerous? You bet your sweet ass considering no one in Saudi re-racks anything properly so there are dumbbells, plates,collar locks, bars and other miscellaneous items all over the floor.
Here is what it looks like with the lights on. For atmosphere there is a Call to Prayer on a continuous loop and the t.v.'s are all tuned to a station that plays a video of people walking around in Mecca. Those t.v.'s stay on during prayer time .

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  1. Wow! I seemed to have suddenly stopped blogging, so I didn't notice that you had started. As your future ex-wife, I should warn you that it's super important that you get used to this type of complete oversight of anything having to do with 'not me.' We're going to be great at hating each other.