Tuesday, January 29, 2013

169 Days Saudi shittiness vs. Korean shittiness

This is a very hard question. On it's face the answer is obviously Saudi but I want to revisit it in more detail later.

The head of the company is coming on Saturday to watch us teach these shit heads. The things working in my favor are as follows:

A) The students will not show up since they don't receive grades in this program and they are at the end of the semester.

B) I barely give a fuck

C) I show up to work and do a yeoman's job of teaching English

D) Not only is this a shitty country this is the second shittiest city in the shittiest region in Saudi so recruiting isn't the easiest thing in the world.

E) I can put on a teaching exhibition if I need to and he is only here to talk shit than leave.

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  1. Seems you've got your than vs then all mixed up there Mr English teacher