Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sorry for the blurry photos. I was walking while taking these pictures because taking pictures may or may not be something that could get you in trouble over here. This is a shot of a Saudi driving a car down the wrong side of the street because he is too lazy to drive  another 30 seconds to make an authorized  U turn. In Saudi the police are too lazy to walk to your car when they pull you over so they sit in the car and wait for you to walk back to them to see what they want. . 

So yesterday I was walking around and I actually saw a better gym directly across the street from where I work out. I go in and look around and I'm impressed with the place and then I look up on the walls and I see huge 4 foot pictures of famous American bodybuilders. The pictures are men in the traditional banana hammocks of professional bodybuilders. Except in these photos everything is pixelated like a Japanese porno from the bellybutton down.This begs the questions
A) If you find men in underwear offensive why put up the photos?
B) If you find men in underwear offensive why not crop the bottom half out?
C) If you are going to pixelate the body part being showcased why bother in the first place? 

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