Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Monday

For some reason they leave cars in the middle of the street when they are done with them so I pass at least a dozen of these cars everyday. I might start a Tumblr just for shitty cars abandoned on the side of the road. This car will be here forever.

I live in a hotel room and for the past 4 days there has been no internet service. Now you might be saying the network must be down in your region. Good guess but no. Well maybe there is a significant hardware failure in your area. Once again no . The problem is the hotel didn't pay the internet bill. That's it, the entire problem could go away for about 150.00 and it won't because everyone here is stupid and lazy when they aren't being corrupt.

Yesterday I had a good leg workout. My weight is at 110.3 I'm also doing a low-carb very high protein diet so I'm hoping for good results.

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