Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Idiot's Life

Korea Spendor vol 1

Smithee: Oh Goody my wife comes back in 3 days
Good thing because I'm down to my last 5.00 dollars
If I'm lucky it will be one of the three days of the month she isn't on the rag.

Dog: Fuck me I wish I was a bowl of soup

Vol II

Panel 2
You da vely stoopid man
You no remember sing and dancing academy


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  2. I thought this was supposed to be a blog about a Black man's perspective on Korea. But instead of reading some insight into here and some interesting things, all you're into is an obsession with yankeenom's blogspot. A little sad. Why don't you actually blog about your life in Korea instead of the bitchfest about another waygugin in Korea? It looks like yankeenom's life is way more exciting than yours.

  3. Actually the blog is about anything I find interesting. You shouldn't come here to learn about Korea from a Black perspective because I don't have definitive voice of the Black experience here. If you want I would be more than happy to point you in the direction of a dozen blogs written by African-Americans in Korea. As for me I like Japanese sex stories, Muay thai in Thailand, Korean fuckery, and slapping Idiot around so that is what I'm going to do. I hope those things interest you but if not farewell and thanks for stopping by. Dictated not Read

  4. Keep it up. Fight the good fight against the disease that is mangina!

  5. funny funny funny to those who follow the K blogs.

    What's even more funny is the allegiance some posters feel toward complete strangers. funny, but sad.

    "He's my e-friend. Leave him alone and gom back to posting about the bus not stopping for you". hehehee

    good job mike in korea

  6. I find it very interesting (I'm a different Anonymous Asshole to the above), but this is pretty weak dude - your rhymes were great but this reeks.

    Sorry for using your name btw - won't do it again.

  7. I disagree, the rhymes were kinda lame. The comics rocked.

    When the dog exclaimed, "I wanna be soup" or some such, I nearly shit my pants. Good stuff, fuck the wanna-be's.

  8. fuck you those rhymes were as good as anything
    Chaucer wrote you dick