Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I hate one out of 5 Koreans I've met so far"


  1. Oh Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike. Poor baby. I just found this blog and though it's pretty entertaining it also hurts to read. Koreans generally dislike folks, white folks, Japanese folks, themselves... the list goes on. I only know this second hand as my spouse is half Korean half American. And yeah, I'm pretty sure my Korean side of the family talks mad shit about me. Atleast I can say "fuck 'em. They're the odd men out." BEING the odd man in Korea... I haven't the slightest bit of courage that you possess. Good luck to you. I'll be checking in frequently.

  2. That was funny.

    I remember working on one of the census. Had to fix up what another worker missed. I was in an apartment building trying to get a hold of a family. A Chinese family. There was no answer at the door.

    Their neighbour was going home. I said excuse me, do you know when they are usually home.

    He blew up at me in badly accented English "How i know? He fucking Chinese. I Vietnamese! Not the same! Not the same! Fucking Chinese."

    "I didn't ask you because you are Asian. (I didn't swear because I was working. It took a lot to bite my tongue.) I asked because you are his neighbour."

    "I no know." And he slammed his door shut.

    Talking with a few people in the building. It was all divided on country lines and they all seemed to hate each other.

  3. thanks for reading Cass. Flint you should have asked him about the whereabouts of all the Viets in the building.

  4. If it is only one out of five he hasn't met enough Koreans.

  5. I just wish I had known about Dokdo. Then I could have asked them that all important question: "Do you know Dokdo?"

    Only to be told" Dokdo? That Korean. I Vietnamese. Not the same! Fucking Dokdo."

  6. chapelle is a fucking idiot. fong is a chinese last name. there ain't no korean named fong.

  7. Anonymous

    Until a Chinese-Korean comes along and is great in a sport or science then they will all claim Fong is Korean.