Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sexxxy Co-Teacher

I was cleaning the dry erase board one afternoon when my co-teacher came into the room and sat on the desk directly behind me. She didn't say a word but I could feel the heat from her tiny black eyes boring into my True Religion Jeans. I turned to face her and she was sitting on the desk with her thighs open staring at me and because of the proximity of the desk to the board I was practically between her thighs. I could smell the kimchi coming out of her pores. In a sexy purr she whispered Michael I need to talk to you later. With that she climbed down off the desk brushed past me and exited the room. I go downstairs to the teachers room to await the 4:30 bell that marks the end of another bullshit day of teaching, when she comes up to me and whispers in my ear meet me in the teachers lounge in 15 minutes.

At 4:30 the school is emptied so it is just the two of us in the school. I sit down on the Tang colored faux leather sofa and she slides in right beside me. She whispers in my ear I've been waiting for this for so long. I struggle to keep my eyes open because her kimchi breath smells like death itself. She unbuttons her FUBU track jacket and removes her floral colored pants and rubber shoes. I tried to take off my pants but she struck my hands with her student beating stick. She says that's my preasure and begins to pull down my pants. We made love on the coffee tables , 69ed on the elliptical , and did very strange things with that flag pole. After we finished we had a Vita 100 and a tangerine to replenish our fluids that coincidentally had pooled in a crease in one of the couches. She then put on her rubber shoes and ran out of the room. Apparently, she had badminton academy at 5:00

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  1. If I had a nickle for every time that happened to me...I still would not have any nickles.

  2. LOl - meet at 4:45, then enough time to go to 5pm badminton...

  3. 3 orgasms in 5 minutes one of those was hers

  4. I love your blog Mike! It's critical while being very honest and sincere.

    If you fucking Korean women, Korea can't be that(exceptionally) racist to black people.

    There are little Afrikaner towns in South Africa where white women would never consider you dateable.

  5. I've met a lot of Afrikaners in Taiwan and to a man they were all extremely undesirable assholes who spent our brief encounters lamenting the good old days of apartheid. So I don't think I missing much. I saw a documentary about those broke bitches so I'm not missing much. As for society I don't judge a society's progress by my extraordinary prowess at getting pussy.

  6. Agreed! I never let social norms or generalisations dictate my reality!

    I just wish there were less ignorant racist fucks in this world and we would all just get along.. I'm a dreamer!