Monday, March 15, 2010

My Last Day( Live Blog)

Technically I have the rest of the week but I'm taking sick days because I have shit to do. I gave the students a word search that will take about 40 minutes for them to complete. When I got here I gave the co-teacher a list of monies owed . That was 11:30 and it is now 2:30 and I still don't have the confirmation of amount or date of payment. One of my students is reading "The Secret". I thought only fat Oprah and bored white women in the midwest read that shit. I hate my co-workers they are fuckity fucks. They all live in the same shit city as me but they make me take the bus home. So they get home at 5:00 and I get home at 6:10 they can all go fuck themselves. I have been on an old school work slow down since November.

Ok they are having a kimchi klatch and this is bad they are taking something pretty straight forward and making it diffucult. I hear a lot of minusee minusee. I'm going to have straighten these bitches out.

Last week my co-teacher said I should buy my ticket and the school would reimburse.I told her to go fuck herself pay what you owe. I want my 1300 dollars and I don't want to tell you where I'm going.

The week before last my co-teacher got mad because I was showing Willy Wonka for all three classes. I told her since you haven't written one fucking second of material all year I would bemore than happy to see participate in one of your lesson plans. The next week the school was closed for testing and she didn't let me know. So I showed a movie and gave them a word seach today. It is 3:07 and 4 minutes worth of math they have been working on since last week still hasn't been completed.

o.k. 3:30 and still not finished
3:34 She said they will pay me on the 25th I said what part of my contract ends on the 19th don't you understand I willnot be in country after the 19th and the bank account will not be open.

3:43 She says they can't pay me until the 25 because the 19th is not enough time. They have known the last day of my contract for 365 days because they wrote it. Kimchifucking crazy. I'm now negotiating a per diem. They want me to stay until the 25 th without providing me an apartment. I'm expectedto spend hundreds of dollars to collect what I am owed.

3:49 She now wants a copy of my flight ticket. I said no besides I haven't bought the ticket yet. My co-teacher has now made about a dozen trips up and down the stairs to the office. I am being reasonable so I agreed to be paid that Monday.


  1. Typical Korean Bullshit! They have known for a year when you finish but now have trouble getting the money together. Fucking incredible.

  2. Fuckity fucks! :)
    You're leaving! :(

  3. kimchi klatch

    hilarious - classic - going into rotation. You aren't going home are you?

    That is some slap a korean kinda a shit - "fuck you, pay me".