Thursday, March 18, 2010

Korea is like a retarded prostitute's p@$#y

From an Anonymous poster

Man, you sound like a jolted boyfriend who's been dumped on over and over again. So funny.

You know, if it makes you feel any better, my country (Korea) you hate so much is only becoming richer and richer. You're free to hate us on all levels. We'll just continue to thrive, get recognized for our excellence, set new trends around the world (except America where 500 people die each day because they don't have healthcare) and torture your soul. Envy away, baby! Envy away!

I root hard for the Korean economy to improve for the next thirty days. I would love to see the currency valuation double versus the dollar. Nothing would make me happier on God's green Earth. After the 30 days are up and all of my financial ties to Korea are severed I revert to my natural state of glorious indifference to Korea. I don't have a dog in the fight( or on my plate) so why should I care if Korea exports shitty products all over the world and becomes the wealthiest nation on Earth. Or Kim Jung IL nukes the place. I don't give a shit either way

Korea is like a retarded prostitute's pussy.People from around the world come to Korea to fuck it. Do we care about her long term well-being, probably not. Will we call in the morning , Hell no. All the expats you see are here to fuck it for all it's worth and then get the fuck out of here.Some are here to bust that student loan nut, others are pounding away to pay for grad school , still others are creaming all over the Han River to finance their walkabouts. Now I'm only doing a little bit of fucking I teach my contract hours and generally stay out of the way. But I know a lot of fellas fucking Korea like they have three dicks. They are teaching private lessons, on tourist visas, and boning k-girls like they just discovered sex. And all of that is o.k. because Korea wanted it. Like a cheap floozy. But what about your articles on Korean bullshit you say? That's just locker room talk. If a friend asked me if he should ask a retarded girl out I would say she's fucking but this is the retarded bullshit you have to deal with to get to the ass. After reading my blog some people might say that retarded bitch Korea isn't worth it while others would love a chance to fuck retarded Korea, retardedness be damned. As for me I still recommend Korea for some easy retarded pussy. She's gotten a little arrogant in the last two years but she'll let you fuck her if you are persistent.

Look, I'm a long-legged mack daddy like Barack Obama and I don't feel jealousy or envy about anything because once I'm done with something it is finished for me. For example one of my exes married a multi-millionaire. I say good for her she deserves happiness because I was never going back there and I feel the same about Korea.

I hope that makes you feel better.


  1. Interesting analogy. :) I like it.

  2. Just always remember to wear a baby condom!

  3. You hit that one right on the head my dear friend!
    My illegal teaching ways lasted 5 years in that country. Not once, did I have visa, Not once was I asked why I was coming back in the country every six months, and not once was I asked to use a condom.
    The Korilla called and I answered!

  4. I thought you were quitting?

  5. I'm trying to decide technically today is the last day of my contract so I could end the blog today or in about a week when I physically leave?

  6. I would finish the blog about a week after you leave, with a little reminiscing of Korilla once you're out of the war zone. Maybe I'll even make a teacher time video in your honor

  7. I think when you leave the country makes more sense.

  8. I've left before and it is just as retarded the second time around.

  9. no - don't quit blogging!

    You are awesome. A retarded prostitute's pussy. Perfect.
    God, I have Korean ancestry and all i can say is.. What. The. Fuck. Happened. In. This. One. Motherfucking. South Korea.

    I'm here trying to tell them, "hey, watch out, develop some critical thinking skills". They just point fingers and try to take their inferiority complex out on me instead. To me, it's just like, Don't you know they're being fucked by dbags without condoms? Fucking retarded prostitute, do whatever you do if that's what makes you so happy. Just wait till your kids grow up and have no idea how to do jack shit.

  11. I work with a bunch goody-goody folks at the new gig, thanks for the reality check yo.

  12. Why discontinue blogging.

    The adventure of your life still continues.

    You can leave the web adress the same.

    Just change the title.

    Blackchild Formerly in Kimchiland has a ring to it.

    Anyway, best of luck to you in the future.

    I had fun when we were breaking each other's balls.

    Go make a million dollars.


  13. Korea is not getting richer and richer. Five years ago they were the 10th largest economy, now look at them.

    Korea beware! China, India and even Brazil are going to replace you, it's already started.

  14. I am going to Chile in 2 months; to a real American International School where I'll be teaching real children and speaking a useful language (or two). Anyone with sense needs to get out of here.

  15. Yeah, don't be a douche! Blog about the next shit-fuck place you find yourself in!

  16. I highly recommend you keep up the blog. If not, turn your blog into a downloadable PDF for all to enjoy

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