Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stages Part 2

So you have worked through your anger at your treatment here and you decide maybe I am to blame. If not to blame then maybe you feel you at least contribute to the treatment you are receiving from strangers on the street. So you make a deal in your mind i will be the most non-threatning Black person I can be. So you go from what Koreans picture as this

To this

or this

But the treatment doesn't subside people still won't sit next to you on the trains, you can't teach privates, and you are facing termination from your job because the Korean parents don't want inferior Black teachers for their precious brats and are removing their kids from school.

Cunt Lee: Please wear nice clothes we are taking pics for advertisement flier
Me: I wear nice clothes everyday Irishman sleeps in his and doesn't own
an iron.
Cunt Lee: Don't worry about it

Scene 2 weeks
Cunt Lee: Look at the nice flier
Me: I'm not in the flier
Cunt Lee: I know we didn't have room for you
Me: You included two white girls who quit working here months ago plus I
wore a Hugo Boss suit that day.
Cunt Lee: Oh well maybe next time.

Now you understand that the fix is in. It never mattered who you are as a person the totality of your being is wrapped up in your Black skin.And here Black skin reads as dangerous, inferior , uncivilized.

So your depression kicks in you don't know how to proceed you gave up so much to come here and now you feel like you can't win. You can only survive. How many days to the end of your contract. Will you make it? The deck is stacked against you Vegas odds say that you won't.

But this is the life that you chose so you move to the fifth and final stage. You accept the fact that you are in a Bizzaro Land filled with xenephobes and racist who will call you names or imply that you stink. You return to holding your head high because at the end of the day all interactions with your Korean host boil down to one simple phrase.


  1. not to mention that 100% of the white folks who come here are well dressed, outstanding members of the community who never drink, do drugs or hit people in the head with beer mugs. (-:

    Seriously though, Robert from England that I used to work with wore the same pair of black pants and blue shirt every day. In the summer, he smelled like a high school boy's locker room. His odor was sooooo bad that children complained and none of the kroeans would get near him. Finally, Richie confronted him about the smell and he, I swear, cried.

    The next day he brought in some "ace" type body spray and would spray himself in the teacher's room before each class. Then he smelled like funky socks and flowers.

  2. the sad part was Drinkey was part of the flier.

  3. haha, and you were voted best dressed at my wedding. sun joo's friends still ask about you when we meet up.

  4. Hey Mike! First off, congrats on getting your blog going. I'm glad Loco in Yokohama could inspire you and so far the results are illmatic! Keep up the good work. MJ nailed it! You can't win, and you nailed the retort "Fuck you pay me!" LMAO. I guess Koreans and Japanese are cut from the same cloth (and so are you and I)
    Peace! I'll be following you

  5. Wow - you make me want to go buy my boss something nice. I'm sorry you have such an asshole for a boss. Wow.

  6. goinglocoinyokohama Koreans and Japanese aren't cut from the same cloth. That very statement would produce anger from both ethnic groups. I think Japanese are far nicer and much more civilized than Koreans.