Friday, October 16, 2009

The Korean Sex Game

I think Korean women think I have low self-esteem. Or I was born without eyes or discernment because I have been approached by more Korean mud-ducks than anywhere else in the world. I guess they think that because I have the affliction of this mocha colored skin their kimchi flavored pussy must be worth 5 or 6 points on my scale of attractiveness.

Korean women can be divided into two groups. Group one is under 30 and they are at the peak of freshness. This is when all of the years of academies pays off. You go to a top university and you meet a Samsung man for dating.Your dating culminates with a marriage around your 30 or 31st birthday. If you are too stupid, fat, ugly, or otherwise undesirable you will fall into the second category; mud ducks. These Korean mud ducks may be pretty but there is something wrong with then within the context of Korean culture. The high-end models go for middle aged to slightly older white boys. The low end models circle the drain with Blacks and Nigerians.Since this society is Borg like in its uniformity my description is accurate of about 80% of the couples here. Now this plays out in very obvious ways.I went to my friends wedding in a black 2-button silk/cashmere custom made suit with a custom French cuff blue shirt and the girls said I looked nice. Now I dressed appropriately because I was honoring the event I was invited to not for the pleasure of raggedy Korean bitches. The white boy next to me was wearing a shit brown corduroy suit and a blue dress shirt he slept in. The difference is the Korean chicks would have fucked him. Me, I get the compliment of at least the monkey cleans up nice.

Korean Mud Ducks
Korean women approach me about 6 or 7 times a year in very inappropriate ways. When I lived up north near Seoul I would go for hike every morning up the side of a mountain. At the base of this mountain was a Korean woman; selling vegetables in her mid-thirties, who would stop me for conversation. Every morning she would tell me how her husband took her child to Iran and how she was lonely. I would suffer her for a few minutes everyday and finally she asked if she could come to my apartment. Word. Really!Why would I be interested in a woman who was an assistant to an old woman selling vegetables on a dirt path leading to a mountain. But she thought because she was Korean and i was a lowly darkie I would jump at the opportunity.I think that bitch is still standing there. I went to a bike shop in my small town to buy a bike there I met So Hae. So Hae was about 54 years old had gold teeth in the front, tats, and spoke passable English. Taken together I surmise that she probably spent a lot of time on her back near military bases or ports. So anyway I'm trying to buy a bike and she is coming hard. Where is your apartment? Can I call you? Can I visit you now? I'm looking at her like do I seem drunk to you it is only 4:30 and I'm not Korean. So I told her "look lady I've never been that drunk or horny to even think that you would be an option , now get off my handlebars".

The thing is I have a personal rule which precludes any slumming on my part. Today's has to be better than yesterday's. This job has to be better than my last job. My next car has to better than my last car. Most importantly my new broad has got to be better than the last one and these Korean mud-ducks simply cannot compete with what I have gotten in Japan, USA, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico so I cannot entertain them as an option. Not,never


  1. haha, Tom's cordooy suit. Na Young is youngish and a biyt hot, right? She likey you.

  2. plus brah u live in a tiny town; you don't want to be having ish spread about u.... the ONLY black guy in town.

    your our Ambassador so u know do us right.

  3. Is there any Korean girl who get married in their twenty (like 25 years old)?

    After reading your blog, i conclude that beautiful Korean girl go after white American and Europian. Meanwhile the ugly one go after anyone including people coming from Middle East, Black person, and poor Asian countries.

    American should make their own street such as Itaewon where many foreigner unite.

  4. In Korean culture a middle class girl should have 35,000 to 50,000 U.S. set aside for her wedding because she has to buy her husband a rolex plus gifts for his family and furnish the home. The only time I heard of a young marriage is a Korean woman and a foreign man.

    As for Korean women you can get a goregeous girl here but if you are non-white you will work significantly harder to do it. If you plan on marrying her as a non-white expect a lot more resistance. America doesn't really need an Itaewon because it is a much more accepting place for foreign people.

  5. Thanks for answering.