Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Teaching Technique

tI am from the Joe Clark school of discipline. Which means I routinely throw kids out of class. Hell some days I don't even wait for the class to begin before i start throwing kids out.Now you maybe saying that is very harsh. So,I'll explain the reasons why I throw them out. I prepare like a motherfucker for class everyday even though I am only a co-teacher and should be responsible for 50% or less of content. I do 100% of the lesson plan and about 90% of the presentation. Some of my co-teachers don't even show up for class. I do it for 3 reasons.

I was taught in the 5th grade what ever you are doing be the best. Whether I am laying up with a woman or delivering pizzas I wanted to be the best person there.

I don't want one of these rice eating somumabitches to say " I would have gone to college but I had a Black teacher when I was 13 and it fucked all my shit up". Plus if I fuck up you know when they'll hire another Black person? Not,never.

The Kids
My scholastic history is riddle with the mediocre all the way to the criminally insane. My 8th grade teacher Mrs. Baynes once gave us an assignment to bring in music that reflected her reason for teaching. She never told us what it was.So, I brought in Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.She gave the entire class an F for the project.So I spend a lot of time and money trying to make an informative and exciting class.

All I ask of my students in return is to be quiet. If you want to read a comic book, be my guest. Stare out of the window, I love it. Put your head down and dream about your future in the strawberry farm industry, go for it. But when these kids start talking through my lesson I kindly invite them to the get the fuck out. Go talk in the hall.

I have 2 styles of Get the Fuck Out

For the individual

And for the Group: I call this my preemptive strike.


  1. You got guts and care for these rats. Teaching one or two rats at a time is manageable, but 30-40 at once, impossible....

    I just think back to how well-behaved I was in school and wonder how the fuck these little bastards can act the way they do!

    I say, "fuck em", let them become farmers, trash collectors and beggars, they do not need Englishey, unless their mom is paying me.

    I'm a bad teacher, kudos for putting in the effort Tyrell.

  2. booo, update time!