Friday, April 22, 2011

Vote For Mike Vick (fuck Dogs)

Mike Vick was incarcerated for two years for torturing and killing dogs.

This guy is former Chicago police commander Jon Burge. He was sentenced to 4 1/2 years for torturing the confessions out of Black men for decades.

Mike Vick for the Madden cover

This guy got 2 years for executing a Black man on New Years.


  1. Bad shit is bad shit, just done in less or worse degreesApril 22, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    I understand what you're saying but I don't have the same "This happened so the criminal/cruel act somebody else did should get a pass" attitude. You're also looking at different cities in different states with different criminal laws and codes.

    Mike Vick was in what US city when he behaved like pondscum and a downright coward intead of a successful, rich football player? He wasn't in Chicago and I don't think he was in Minnesota.

    We know you don't care about animal torture and killings but personally I like living in societies where people who abuse animals because they feel like it get penalised for it. Especially if they are wealthy, successful footballers like Mike Vick who no longer have an "I live in a disadvantaged community" pass to rip the teeth out of female dogs' mouths so they can't fight back, torture, burn and kill male and female dogs (when they're not forcing them to fight to the death with each other) because apparently it's 'fun' to do that with your buddies.

    The mentality of those people is nothing to be excused or get all indignant over when the law catches up with them. Yep it sucks that the law is an ass in those states that gave the light penalties but that doesn't mean we let assholes who enjoy inflicting pain on living creatures get away with it.

    Mike Vick deserves to be noted for how he's turned his life around. He should have been allowed to be on the Oprah show without animal rights advocates being there too. He should have the right to be somewhere in public without having to keep going back to what he did wrong. But he did wrong.

  2. I never said get a pass. But I find it interesting that you mention his "disadvantage community pass" which I am sure is a close cousin of the race card considering I didn't mention it at all. I understand that there were different jurisdictions involved but I think no matter where it occurred the murder of an innocent Black man or the systemic decades long torture and false imprisonment of Black men shouldn't be anywhere near the sentencing guidelines for dog fighters. I agree with your name
    Bad shit is bad shit, just done in less or worse degrees is a good name and i agree but if killing a Black man gets you two I think a bunch of dogs is only worth an afternoon.

  3. ^That you even need to explain this is the

  4. Again we're talking about different states in the US here. What you gonna do about states that allow anybody to be murdered with slap on the wrist penalties for the crime?

    Not telling you to do anything, just saying that.

    Michael Vick wasn't sentenced in the same state as the murderer who got a paltry two year girly slap for what seems to be a racially motivated hate crime. I'm saying "seems' because I haven't read the details of the case.

    And the "disadvantaged community pass" notion was used by prominent members of the Black community to explain away what Vick did and call any actions to take action against him, "racist". That may not be you but it certainly was a constant theme.

    Not all Blacks held that view but the ones taking up Vick's cause publicly did and there was a lot of talk and writing from the Black community that Vick should be exempt from penalties because of his background.

    I don't think Vick should have been given the jail sentence he was but again, you look at the state and context it was in. Regardless he should have been given a significant penalty of whatever kind.He is a success story of how Blacks can make it out of disadvantaged communities and with the rewards of pro football giving him a hugely different lifestyle, there wasn't any excuse to do what he did.

    I maintain he should be given the chance to appear on tv without the pro animal rights brigade literally dogging him. He did the time, was publicly exposed. Been punished enough.

    As for Black Yoda - read better son.I understand Darrell's logic but I am pointing out things about different legal systems within one country. Especially read the points about the multiple laws and their multiple differences throughout the United States. Your logic needs a makeover.

  5. Who's Darrell? First he was convicted by the feds not the state of Virginia. Second, I'm fully aware of jurisdictional differences between state and federal crimes but I think murder, torture , and kidnapping will get you more than 2 and 4 1/2 in most places but maybe I'm wrong. But let's look at the deeper issues we don't have tape of Mike Vick doing anything yet white people went into spasms of rage( some of which I'm sure wasn't racially motivated) but the murder of a young Black man gets a collective Kanye shrug from white people and the national media. So my attitude is if white people are indifferent to my life and my freedoms. If they are indifferent to false imprisonment , if they are indifferent to my torture. Well I say fuck their dogs.

  6. It's funny how selective you are with your commentary. You refuse to take into consideration his background as a poor kid from the streets of Newport News for nearly 2 decades, but his recent fame and fortune is a salient issue. You think like the federal prosecutor who wouldn't have bothered to prosecute Vick if it weren't for his background.You think like the judge who gave him 2 years at Leavenworth instead of the recommended 12-15 at Club Fed because of his background. Even though he was a non-violent,non-drug first time felon . I bet his background had nothing to do with his sentencing.

  7. You're starting to sound like those Koreans you spent so much time despising in your admittedly at times amusing Korean experience posts. You're focusing on the wrong person here - get a grip.

    Yep it sucks when the death of a young Black man gets a shrug but those shrugs also happen when other people get murdered in cold blood. No race or ethnic group is free of the stain of cold blooded murders, rapes and tortures.

    Even sadder the constant gang violence and drug related killings in the Black projects and Black neighborhoods get ignored because they are so normal. Black on Black crime is a huge issue. I don't expect whites to give anything more than a shrug about this as it happens in south central LA, NY, Chicago and other places because Black musicians constantly reference gangs and violence as 'representing'.

    If that's what it is, don't cry foul when non Blacks ignore it because on one hand you like generalising about them as being collectively responsible, on the other hand how dare anybody call out Black glorification of the 'gangsta' lifestyle?

    Sounds like you're heading for some kind of breakdown, you weren't a hypocrite before.

  8. I don't know Nat Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, Nicole Simpson that's just three off the top of my head. When white people get killed it is a national story. You show me a similar situation with a Black person. But Black life has never been worth much in America has it? When Black people were swinging from trees in the South in the 30's they had been desensitized by years of NWA right? You think America takes its cue about Black America from rap music? So how do you explain the treatment of African American people in the decades prior to the mainstreaming of rap music. You also make it seem as though white people didn't create the American ghetto as it is currently constructed. If you want a lesson on that I'd be more than happy to give you one but you put poor people together with no hope and lots of guns and it always equals violence. But the problem isn't the systemic racism that caused the conditions the problems arise when people write songs about their experiences right?
    But you are right I don't advocate songs that depict in graphic the details the murder of Black men and I don't support songs that denigrate Black women. I think it is cowardly to victimize your own. In fact I'm all for spreading the terror because the vast majority of Black people aren't involved in criminality but it is o.k. for them to be terrorized because they are same ethnicity? If it only becomes a national issue when whites are involved then I'm all for making them victims as well.

    You go off on this tangent about Black on Black crime and rap music but the reality is I didn't present anything of the sort. What I presented was two men in their official capacities as officers of the law carrying out the torture and murder of innocent Black men . So your entire hip hop argument is a red herring.That old white cop was torturing Black men prior to the founding of hip hop but you knew this. You then say I shouldn't cry foul about white collective disinterest in the plight of Black people without calling out Black rappers as if the two things are linked. But I would argue I never said white people should care I said if they don't care about me and my kind I can logically say fuck your love of Spot,Toto, and Lassie when they get tortured and murdered.

  9. And that makes cruelty to animals justifiable? I geddit - there's so much pain and abuse and cruelty in the world including to Black people so let's ignore other forms of it. If you wanna keep making those comparisons do it but you don't sound logical.

    Many Black people love animals and some think Mike Vick deserved a stint in the pen. Many people think the way I do that using examples of abuse of Black people to justify abuse of animals is basically irrational (as well as other things). There are plenty of hate crimes in the US - white against black, black against white, both against Hispanics, Hispanics against black and white, in fact Asians like the Koreans you despite tend to bear the brunt of hate crimes without being the perpetrators in the numbers of other peoples.

    But you honestly sound as if you're cracking up about something. You must be a wonderful person to be around. I wish I had more time to read your slanted views about the saintliness of Black people and how racist we all are if we don't agree.

    Then of course you bring out the criminal White lynch mobs etc from the past but I can tell you about a fair number of assaults, rapes and murders that were committed by criminal Blacks over the past decades when affirmative action, free legal assistance, and many other advances have been made. People are people, some foul, some good.

    But I guess when you live in the strange country of how LA rioting, arson and murder are the LA 'rebellion' according to some Blacks when in fact the mobs didn't do anything so principled as surround the govt offices in broad daylight.

    Instead they went around torching Asian businesses, attacking and destroying non Blacks and their lives and property and to this day there are unsolved murders of whites and Asians from this so called 'rebellion'. Hate crimes are committed by all races and ethnicities.

    I'll leave you to your increasingly extremist blog. You are well on the way to sounding like a Black version of the Ku Klux Klan (ever heard of the whites who risked everything inflitrating them to bring them to justice for their racist warfare?). You are showing what happens when balance goes out the window and racist hate of which you have a big share takes over.

  10. You can always tell when you're talking to a fascist white person
    1) They'll equivocate for the torture and murder of blacks
    2)They'll call YOU KKK because you're angry about their fascist friends torturing and murdering black folk. The guys an idiot and a rascist idiot to boot.
    "Different state laws..."
    really? For murder and torture, really??? The only state that allows the allows the murder and torture of white people with a max 4 yr sentence is YOUR state of denial. The state that allows the murder and torture of blacks is the state of YOUR racist heart.

  11. White people have a thing for dogs. I wish they could extend that same decency to other colored folks. Wait...I'm being delusional.