Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm the scary Black racist. Welcome to my hate blog

This guy in Australia is asshurt because I quite simply don't care that much about dogfighting in the grand scheme of things that go on in America. If you want to see the beginning of the conversation click here

And that makes cruelty to animals justifiable? I geddit - there's so much pain and abuse and cruelty in the world including to Black people so let's ignore other forms of it. If you wanna keep making those comparisons do it but you don't sound logical.

No but if I'm going to tackle injustice I certainly wouldn't spend my time and resources on something as marginal as dog fighting.On a scale of 1-10 dogfighting is a -4. Like I said an afternoon watching dogfighting movies would be sufficient punishment.

Many Black people love animals and some think Mike Vick deserved a stint in the pen. Many people think the way I do that using examples of abuse of Black people to justify abuse of animals is basically irrational (as well as other things). There are plenty of hate crimes in the US - white against black, black against white, both against Hispanics, Hispanics against black and white, in fact Asians like the Koreans you despite tend to bear the brunt of hate crimes without being the perpetrators in the numbers of other peoples.

Where did I say they were equal. My argument is that the abuse of animals is much worse. Then he goes on an unrelated tangent about hate crimes. He also insinuates I hate Koreans which doesn't appear in this blog.

But you honestly sound as if you're cracking up about something. You must be a wonderful person to be around. I wish I had more time to read your slanted views about the saintliness of Black people and how racist we all are if we don't agree.

Stupid ad hom. attack about someone he doesn't even know about views he can't be sure that I hold.

Then of course you bring out the criminal White lynch mobs etc from the past but I can tell you about a fair number of assaults, rapes and murders that were committed by criminal Blacks over the past decades when affirmative action, free legal assistance, and many other advances have been made. People are people, some foul, some good.

As a response to some of the dumber points he made about hip hop shaping the collective opinions of white people about nonwhites which is interesting coming from a person in Aussie land. Ask an Australian what happened to the natives of Tazmania way before hip hop. As for affirmative action white women are the greatest beneficiaries of that particular program which is a blog post in itself. The free legal assistance is just a dumb point and it shows this person is reaching

But I guess when you live in the strange country of how LA rioting, arson and murder are the LA 'rebellion' according to some Blacks when in fact the mobs didn't do anything so principled as surround the govt offices in broad daylight.

The LAPD and the National Guard made a concerted to concentrate the rioting to a certain area. But I find it interesting that you focus on the execution of the riot and not the conditions that caused it.

Instead they went around torching Asian businesses, attacking and destroying non Blacks and their lives and property and to this day there are unsolved murders of whites and Asians from this so called 'rebellion'. Hate crimes are committed by all races and ethnicities.

Only Asian businesses? Only Black people rioted and only non-Blacks were killed ? This is news to me I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is ignorant opinion in lieu of research.

I'll leave you to your increasingly extremist blog. You are well on the way to sounding like a Black version of the Ku Klux Klan (ever heard of the whites who risked everything inflitrating them to bring them to justice for their racist warfare?). You are showing what happens when balance goes out the window and racist hate of which you have a big share takes over.

I have heard of those whites which are significantly outnumbered by the whites participating or turning a blind eye. Remember J.Edgar Hoover was a racist who refused to put a field office down there and investigate the klan until the mid 60's and even then preferred to get reports from southern sherrifs rather than conduct independent fieldwork. (btw Mississippi Burning is a completely fictional story so I hope you aren't getting your history from there)

Interesting I point out that America gets more upset over dogs than humans being tortured and murdered on camera but I'm the racist. It is an interesting dynamic to call someone a racist considering I have never implied racial superiority of Black people. I have never advocated a position of moral superiority of Black people. I have never denigrated a group of people based on their ethnicity. All I said is if you are going to go into a rage about pitbulls what happens to Black men should give you a stroke and if you love dogs more than you love human beings who look like me than you can go fuck yourself. I wouldn't ever put an animal before a person no matter where they came from.

If you think my blog is hateful you are free to stop reading it because you aren't going to like the next post so much.


  1. Come on man, your posts have always been racist against Koreans. Just cause you also happen to write well sometimes doesn't change it. Your rants about whites also fall into that category. I'd also say the same if you were a white poster writing about Koreans and Blacks. For your information I'm a bi-racial American. Rant all you like about whatever in your next post. If you wanna waste your time at your age doing this shit, be my guest.

    Most people who come across this blog won't tell you what you don't wanna hear but when they look at our chat they won't find anything like you say in my words. Only your stans. You must hate your life wherever you are. Are you still in Korea?

    Last point - if Al Sharpton and Condoleeza Rice's kids as well as Dwayne Wades' went missing like that Jon Benet Ramsay kid it would be all over the media. It's called power and money and influence.

  2. show me something racist. you make a lot of assertions with no proof. and being biracial is irrelevant to the quality of your arguments. But go ahead pull a quote because if it is racist towards Koreans I'll remove it no problem.

  3. Btw your last point kinda makes mine you have to be a rich and famous Black person to be the equal of a white person right? Jaycee Dugard wasn't rich but she was white and that makes all the difference.