Monday, January 4, 2010

Mike Has Left the Building

I'm on the beach sipping Mai Tais with Hot Thais but daddy will be back in Krazy Kimichiland at the end of the month. Come back on Saturday for Thailand stories.


  1. I hate you daddy! It sure looks nice down there is SE Asia. I wish I was there. I'm here in the "Kingdom", where it's a balmy 20 deg. F, the people are colder and the maui tai's have zero color to them. I hope you choke on an orange slice. Prick!!

  2. Asshole! We got about 1 foot of snow so far today, and its expected to snow throughout the night. I hope a Durian falls on your head, and you never are able to wash the Durian stink out of your fro.

  3. I just "followed" your blog. Good blog! Sorry about all of the petty small minded BS that you have to put up with. Stay strong, there are people cheering for you!