Saturday, December 26, 2009

Retarded Homosexual Korean Stalker

When I write my vignettes about the vicissitudes of my life here in Kimchiland I am often barraged by a phalanx of kimchi cheerleaders who have nothing to add to what I am saying. Their responses have grown so tiresome that I have devised a new system for them to comment on my blog. That way they can save time and energy in typing out responses to me and use the time to draw pictures of Dokdo with their crayons.

A. You are a nigger ha ha lol
B. You don't understand Korean culture
C. If you don't like Korean Bullshit then leave
D. What about__________(America,Canada, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Jupiter)
E. You're still a nigger

For Example
Lee Myung Bak</span> said...
Hey Mike AEC

Hyorish said...
ABEACDDDACE and your friends too.

I invented this comment section shorthand in response to my newest Korean stalker. Unlike my old Korean stalker; whose actions could be written off as the result of a Korean woman drinking soju during her pregnancy, this new stalker has a moist latent homosexual undertone to his desperate need for my attention. A couple days after I wrote Jim Crow I started to receive the standard you are a nigger ha ha ha comments. Those comments are deleted because even if I was interested in being called a nigger I doubt I would want to see it after every post. Besides 99.9% of the people calling me a nigger would never do it in person so I don't allow that pussy behavior on my blog. I'm going through the comments and I see nigger, nigger, nigger so I delete those. At this point most normal people would give up after determining the blog administrator isn't interested in interacting with them. Not my stalker though, he plows on through by writing a long rambling email to my bigpanties account. I wonder if he understands the irony of whining to me on my blog about my whining about Korea on my blog.

Anonymous to me

This blog written by a whining nigger is bullshit. Look tyrone, if you hate living in Korea, then get your simian ass out of Korea! You wanna know why Asians in general hate dealing with fucking niggers like you who whine and gripe about "scrimination and shiet"?! It's because of the way you niggers act on the bus, talk loud, have no manners, etc. Go to Japan, that's fine. Typical nigger behavior (TNB).

So I ignore this comment and he comes back with:

ahaha, I see that my comment will not be posted.

So tyrone, read my blog ************ okay shitskin coon?

He is getting frustrated and sexually excited by the prospect of interacting with a Black man so he sends me this offer to give my fat lips and skin the licking they deserve:

fuck you mike nigger ass coon piece of simian shit.
First of all, I made a blog in response to your nigger babble nonsense of Korean or "Asian racism" against nignogs.If you hate living in S. Korea, get your simian nigger ass out of Korea! Read my blog in response to your typical nigger whining and griping that you niggers do. The truth is, niggers commit MORE hate crimes against us Asians here in the US compared to the cold shoulder treatment you get in Korea! Fuck you! I live in Indy, not too far from cleveland, and would like to meet up with a nigger and give you some lickings you fat lip, shit skin piece of nigger shit deserves!

Tell me mike, what about the hate crime assaults against Asian students committed by blacks in the South Philadelphia high schools? Why aren't the black principles (what an oxymoron!) doing anything? I'm so glad that the Asian-American legal group is filing a lawsuit against you black people for assaulting my people.

In addition, if you can comprehend my blog, David Kao was an Asian victim of black hate crime by two nigger boys who strangled him simply because they were "targetting" Asian victims. They ended up strangling him, murdering him, and simply walked away with his wallet. Guess what? No hate crime charges were filed against your nigger people! Hmmm, I wonder why?

frankly, I think you're too spoiled by the white-guilt/politically correct people here in the US who would do anything to hide the truth about black racism against Asians, Asian businesses, Asian students, etc. Like I've said, as an angry Asian reading your garbage blog, if you hate living in Asia or Korea to be specific, then buy a one-way ticket and get your simian ass back to amerikkka.

Now he is about to cream his pants with excitement. He is very daddy acknowledge me at this point.The funny part about this was I was in Seoul for most of this time period completely unaware of this dialogue he was having with himself . He is a very desperate bean.
I haven't responded to him and his sexual frustration for me reaches its zenith. He writes a letter directly to my email with the name that is indicative of the homosexual acts he would like for me to perform on him. At the end he implores me to read his blog again.


Yoo Suk-Mi

to me
show details Dec 20 (6 days ago)
Hey nigger mike,

Due to your typical nigger whining behavior talking trash and shit about Korea, here's my blog in response to black racism against us Asian here in the US.

Like I've said in the last part of my blog, if you hate living in Korea or any parts of East Asia or outside of the white-guilt/politically correct/nigger ass-kissing USA, then you have every right to buy a one-way plane ticket balck to the shithole of the northern midwest called cleveland.

I have to admit that I also hate whiteys living in Korea too. But man, you fucking niggers have the cajones to trash talk about Korea and my fellow Koreans when in fact, you niggers commit the same kind of hate crime WORSE than the kind of shit you get in Korea.

Here nigger, read my blog, okay?

So I read his blog and it is more of the same off topic bullshit he has been peppering me with for the last couple of days until the last paragraph where he invokes imagery from his S&M fantasies. I guess if he can't have me then I should cease to exist. His posts have an air of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction mixed with Single White female.

If you want to meet face to face with me, not problem, as I live 280 miles SW of your shithole in Indianapolis, and would love to greet you with some hemp ropes dangling from a tree.

Now of course this being Korean bullshit there must be a twist to the story that deepens the lunacy and stupidity of the situation by at least 50%. In this case my Retarded Korean Homosexual Stalker Yoo Suk Mi is stalking the wrong person. Surprise bitches! This guy has me confused with some commenter on the Korea Times website he likes to go back and forth with. Apparently one of my readers posted a link to my blog in the comment section of one of the articles and this big dummy has an Oprah epiphany because he thinks he has determined the identity of one of the posters that is the bane of his existence. So he is on there insulting some guy using stories I told.

From the Korea Times Comment Section

ProudKorean, afroney is probably a military private who's a janitor shipped out to Korea. him being borned in the ghettoes of Cleveland makes him alien to his surroundigns of living in Korea. He must be vacuuming his sergeant's office on Christmas day. Sucks to be afroney who didn't go to college and didn't even get any scholarships!

A video he left for me.

Korea Sparkling


  1. Yikes!! If this is true, this Korean/Korean American pulled out every African-American slang in the book. There might be something inheritantly wrong with Mr. Yoo!! Don't waste your time on this bullshit!!

  2. it is very true. you can go to the Korean Times website and see the discussion for yourself.That's why i included it.

  3. i don't know the specifics and wont spend my time reading two grown ass men arguing but if ya'll don't have nothin better to do then so be it. Sucks that you got pulled into this bs TY.

  4. He has some serious issues. I believe he has a Napolean complex, because of this post. He wishes the girl that said short men are losers should be raped. His rage against the man has been going on for over a year. The Kt is the only place that hasn't banned him, because they are as racist as he is. I wish I could get my responses to my hate mail to be as funny as yours.

  5. I wasn't really questioning the validity of your post. Just suprised at the content. I just read the 5 pages of comments in regard to the article and I find it hard to beleive anyone who posted even graduated kindergarten.

    Mike - I know with almost absolute certainty that you are way above the rhetoric used in any of this nonsense. Don't lower your standards based on revenge on oneupmanship!!

  6. I wasn't offended by your comment in any way but the shit is so retarded that I felt that it was bordering on fiction. And people call me nigger or some derivative of the word at least 4x a post and I never respond. But this fuckery is so stupendous that I couldn't help myself.

  7. Not tuts my barrah! I will be reduced to laughter at someone who would actually post this to the net. Where is gong li???

  8. Mike, I don't understand what Suk-Mi, or whatever his name is, got by making you read his blog. Hungry for publicity, eh?

    Well, a few days later you can have a good laugh over that retard. Probably, he wanted to get into a verbal duel. I am sure lot of expatriate bloggers unless they are kimcheerleaders face such retards. Never feed such trolls.

    Coming to think of it, the comment section of KT is legendary.

  9. I hope you had a nice Christmas Mike. Your experiences in Korea put me in shock, and while mine are limited to a two week stay there, it saddens me to be brought to the realization that Korea is not that friendly of a place for foreigners.

    My cousins wife is Korean from Daegu, and comes from a dirt poor background. Somehow she got out of there and is now a Biochemist working for the CDC. Her father is likely one of the many stubborn outspokenly racist and poorly educated Koreans. However once we became part of the family he was probably our fiercest ally (next to his wife) in navigating the countryside and the wedding (which was 6 white people and 100+ korean relatives, many of the older men becoming drunk and belligerent)

    It was interesting trip, I hope you work things out with your employer or find a better job. There is no reconciling the racism though, and If I were in your place I'd be gone or in jail.

    Finally is there anything in particular you like about Korea? I'm a slut for Korean food.

  10. Thanks Brad my Christmas was blah but I am looking forward to New Years in Thailand. Koreans came be racist and xenophobic but if you grow up Black in America you would have long ago grown the emotional armor to deal with it. I mean there are bars and neighborhood in Cleveland I wouldn't be welcome in as well.Cleveland is one of the most racially segregated places in the country but I wouldn't call it racist in general. Korean racism usually boils down to ignorant statement and pictures, sometime refusal of public service, or discriminatory hiring processes. All of which I'm fine with because I came for the money and I'll leave as soon as the money is finished. I have no interest in integrating into their society. It is interesting watching white people react to being discriminated against and being a minority for the first time.

    I thought all day about your second question and I could not think of anything I truly like about Korea. I went home for 6 month last year and I didn't give anything I had seen or done here a second thought.

  11. Besides the money, what else keeps you in Korea? But, like you said, it is something seeing Whites react to being a minority & the object of discrimination. I do hope you're not racist against Asians.

  12. I don't think I'm racist towards Koreans at all. I don't think they are inferior I just don't agree with their ideas of their racial superiority.

  13. I see. Thanks for the clarification. One question- why do you bother posting the nonsense from the guy who keeps calling you n****r? It's pretty sick, especially when seen in print? I also saw a little bit of it from the KT. Is there any way you can ban the guy from both sites?

  14. If a guy is going to dedicate an entire blog to me I think I should at least honor him once. See my critics literally have nothing constructive to say in response to my post.I would love if someone responded with "hey Mike you need to take this into consideration or look at it from this perspective. They don't argue with me in that way because they can't justify the lunacy in a rational way. As for getting him banned I am totally against it. That is what the Korean Netizens do when they harass people into silence.As we speak they are doing opposition research on me as a person rather than crafting counterarguments to the points I make.

    About your critique of my androgynous photos, I felt that those photos were archetypal of the ideal for beauty in Korea. I could put up 100 Korean male sex symbols and 90 of them will look like hairless young boys. But that wasn't the main argument I was making in the piece anyway. But thanks for stopping by Hope you enjoy my future post.

  15. I am not korean and I am not black. This type of stuff sort of bothers me. So far I haven't seen any korean who were racists toward me. Usually Korean are extremely nice to me because as soon as I meet a korean I start blabbing about how much I love anything and everything korean and they seem to like my broken korean. (By the way my parents are from bangladesh. I am brown)

    I was thinking of studying in Korea for a while and the stuff you wrote bothers me. Scares me to be honest. I am not sure how you put up with it.

    To their (koreans) defense you have to admit majority of african americans haven't really been the perfect role model. My parents don't like black people. It's stereotypical of them. Of course when they come upon a nice black person they are extremely polite. My sister who is born and raised in USA also doesn't like black people. She is not racist. But every single day she complains " Those black girls are so stupid. They walk so slow when other people are behind them" By any chance if she bumps into them they start with " Oooo excuse you girlll.." or " Girrll you better watch it". That is not very polite. I used to be really irritated by black people when I was in middle school and high school. Specially the bus they are always loud and obnoxious. Now that I am in college I don't have to deal with those. At times when I go to gas stations sometimes there would be those 1-2 black guys who just wouldn't stop staring or try to hit on me. It's honestly annoying and makes me feel unsafe.I have never had that type of problem from another race.

    The hiphop industry is also not the brightest example. I am sure most of the koreans base their opinions from what they see on television.

    I love my black friends! They are exactly opposites of what I just described. But I can understand why koreans are not so fond of black people.

  16. You know some Koreans would characterize you as dirty and poor since you come from Bangladeshlad. Are you poor and dirty and be treated as such because that is how the media portrays Bangladesh. Or would you like to be judged on the content of your individual character. How about this, based on the description of your sister and parents I have come to the conclusion that you must be a stupid racist also. I mean if I am responsible for the behavior of 38 million people in America surely you can be responsible for thoughts and actions of 3

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