Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kimchi Incompetence

I write about Kimchi incompetence all the time and some of you probably think that I am exaggerating the staggerring depths of their ineptitude. But I assure you dear reader I have only scratched the surface. To that end I present to you banking in Kimchiland.

This email was sent to me by my friend Daniel.

Read this email I got. These assholes were 10 days late one month and caused me all kinds of trouble. That's not even my school. I guess the guys name was Mr. Daniels:

Dear Mr. Daniels,

Several weeks ago Yongin Shinchon Middle School mistakenly placed money in your Korean bank account in the amounts of 588,670 won and 1, 594,880 won. There was some confusion because of the new computer system in place this year through the Gyeonggi Province Educational Board. Our new teacher's first name is the same as yours and you both use the same bank (KEB).

Would it be possible for you to return the money to us using your online banking account? All you have to do is
1. login to or set up your online banking
2. transfer money to Yongin Shinchon Middle School(용인신촌중학교)
at this NongHyup (농협) account number : 3010045497141

Or if you send the letter of agreement to withdraw this amount money from your bank account of KEB, the bank KEB transfer the money back to school's account.

Your former school indicated that you were traveling in Europe, so we apologize for this inconvenience. I am sure this is not on the list of thing you planned to do while traveling. However, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter, and again, we sincerely apologize for the error.

P.S.) We attach the address and phone No. for the branch of KEB in Europe.
My phone number is 010-4576-7633
031-603-6633 (home)
031-276-4165 (administration office)
Thank you,

Heaseon Shim

Teacher from foreign language department
Yongin Shinchon Middle School

Now what brings this to the level of sublime kimchi bullshit is that my friend's first name is Daniel not his last name and after all the millions of dollars foreign teachers have been cheated out of it they expect my friend Mr. Daniels to return the money.


  1. Black Mike,

    Glad you're back and wish you all the best. I don't know if the data in this post is true in regard to the numbers and names, but if yes, be careful! I'd hate to see you in some Korean court due to something as trivial as this posting.

    Not to take anything away from the validity of it's contents and the frequency to which these events occur in S. Korea. The truth will alway's stay the truth.

  2. fuck Korean court . I don't live there so they can eat a dick. That letter is verbatim and I stand by my story.