Wednesday, March 6, 2013

133 days left on this bullshit contract

Finding clean western toilets is a passion project of mine in this shithole country. I search hi and low and to and fro to find a toilet that isn't totally offensive. Well children I found a little used bathroom on the second floor of the administration building at my shitty college. So I'm in the stall having a glorious time when I hear the door open. I conclude my business and I come out of the stall and I see a goddamn Saudi pissing in the sink.
 As you can see in picture one if you are a person who must piss into open holes they have you covered
 This is a shot of the entire bathroom. He was standing on his tippy toes while pulling up his dress and pulling down his pants trying in vain to get his dick over the edge of the countertop.
 This is another stall just as empty as the first.
 This is my glorious western toilet right under an open window so I can sshit under God's watchful eye
Here is an extra toilet just for shits and giggles

Here is the kicker the person pissing into the sink might have been a teacher because all of the students must wear black pants with a white shirt.

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