Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 156 Graduation Day- Grand Farce

The students will receive their graduation diplomas in a ceremony this morning. They will all pass. It doesn't matter if they missed one class or 100 classes. It doesn't matter if they received a 0 on everything they have ever submitted. It doesn't matter if they can speak two words of English.They will get the diploma they desired and after the ceremony if they wish they can sit for the final exam. I will administer the test and spend all afternoon grading a test that is meaningless for all involved. I will then input numbers onto a spreadsheet for students who are no longer in the school. My co-workers are dumb so they will be deliberate and thoughtful in this meaningless task and I will spend hours walking from classroom to classroom hate fucking them with my eyes because we can't go home until these stupid fuckwads are finished grading meaningless test and entering meaningless scores into meaningless spreadsheets to generate meaningless final grades for students who will never see them.

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