Friday, April 6, 2012

Bitchless Island: A Place for Trolls

It should be pretty obvious that I have ceased to post the negative racist comments I receive on most of my post. My feeling is I don't go and argue with those inbred Mongoloids on KoreanAncestry about the general shittiness of all things Korean so I don't expect it here. But what I'm willing to do is give all the unfortunate trolls a place to interact on the comment section of this post. So if you are a man without any non-paid sexual prospects and you feel the need to express yourself please come to your new home at bitchless island.


  1. I'm not the one living with a mail order bride. You are nigger. :)

  2. I think you need to have a version of Mr. Roarke and Tattoo from Fantasy Island

  3. That's rich, you calling other people racist. At least by your deduction, you rightly refer to yourself as an inbred Negroid running a blacks-can-do-no wrong website. I tell, it's a lot better being an Asian than a black man. Keep employing the double standard of racism you blacks have used ad nauseum but don't be surprised to be called out on it. I have a news flash for you - blacks CAN be racist, despite what your boys Reverends Al and Jackson have so easily convinced you. blacks - the eternal victim. Cry me a river

  4. LOL Anonymous.
    Don't you think its a little cowardly calling out the site moderator behind an anonymous facade.

    At least the site moderator boldly says what he says as his real self without hiding behind anything.

  5. LOL!

    I think its funny that you call out the site moderator behind an "anonymous" facade.

    At least Black Yoda says what he does as his real self.

    There is no advantages behind one group of people over another by the way.

    There' a reason why Black Yoda has a Taiwanese wife while you can't pull one.

  6. "Honky" you are too stupid to reply to. Education is your friend. I don't even understand what your post is saying.

  7. @ Commentator above: You don't even have a blog of your own. Blackchild is the one with Taiwanese mail order bride. I'm very happy with a girlfriend of my own. No, I didn't have to pay for her. :)

  8. LOL.


    I have better things to do then create a blog to cater to racist, insecure little Asians like yourself unfortunately.


    With a Masters degree, you can be whoever you want.

    Just like you are masquerading as a coward called Anonymous and calling people "niggers", I can masquerade as a honky. $100 says you would never say that word right before an African, African-American, or a lower socioeconomic Caucasian person. :P

  9. Backwards Koreans make us laughApril 25, 2012 at 11:34 PM

    So Koreans posting here are 'proud' of the fact that no Taiwanese woman would be desperate enough to consider going within 2 countries of them let alone marry them.....

    Why don't you show that famous Korean pride for other facts like Korea ranks 1 or 2 in the world's stomach cancer list? Eating rotten vegetables doused in red pepper which was borrowed from Europeans who didn't load red pepper on all their food (because European food was and is edible unlike Korean food)does the trick of achieving this distinction.


    Let me also congratulate you and make sure you congratulate yourselves on the fact that Koreans no longer attempt to murder people riding bicycles as happened when the technology first appeared on Korean 'streets'. You've come a long way Koreans!

  10. Let me congratulate hypocritical Yankees with their holier than thou attitude. No matter how backward you think Koreans are/were, let me remind you of some facts whiteys have done.

    Let me congratulate you and make sure you congratulate yourselves on the fact that Yankees and other whiteys no longer attempt to murder people in other countries with their superior weapons since you were the first to come up with a gun and germ warfare!

    Oh wait, you’re still invading and killing people in other countries: stealing half the land from Mexico in a Mexican-American War, colonizing Philippines, bombing Serbia, killing 100,000s of people in Iraq, etc. Yankees have a dubious honor of being the only country in the world to nuke civilian cities, not once but twice!!

    Read "A People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present" by Howard Zinn where he details the famous achievements of Americans:
    -- breaking virtually every promise made to Native Americans
    -- killing them with small pox blankets, enslaving and murdering them and hearding the rest into reservations
    -- slavery and lynching

    In fact, whitey Americans were so racist that they even discriminated against their fellow whiteys from southern and eastern Europe LOOOL

    You still have a long way to go to change your reactionary nature. If you don’t understand something you either mock it, condemn it or kill it! At least Koreans can take pride that we didn’t genocide or colonize anyone.

    Here’s a small example of what I mean:

  11. Little Korean dicksucker's Epic FAILApril 27, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    A good laugh as usual from a Bitchless Korean - oh wait, you are the Bitch! Epic FAIL as usual from the small dicked, slow witted, genetically inbred/dysfunctional little Korean men. O yeah, just waiting for that bit about the 'high Korean IQ' in halfwit nation.....

    Let's see - a rant about genocide etc. Then a rant with a link from an Australian newspaper and apparently there is 'outrage' in China over some individuals' actions in Sydney.

    I see - no outrage over human organ harvesting while the victims are alive, mass murder in Tibet and the Ughyuar regions near China, forced abortions, Chinese kids run over by cars and then run over some more, Chinese kids disappearing down holes in the 'road', public excecutions and prison for 'crimes' proved by forced confessions by torture, minus evidence. Yes, there should be outrage over what China does but then again I wouldn't expect a genetically inbred dimwit like you to understand.

    Let's have some more facts, this time about the cowardly, snivelling Koreans who folded like paper puppets once the Japanese took over.

    Their technology borrowed from the west trumped little Korean shorties running around with sticks and a 'civilised' Korea where when mobs weren't trying to murder people on bicycles, breed within their own families, and flog people in public on the buttocks for minor infractions, they were busy collaborating with the Japanese and torturing/murdering other Koreans because they were too cowardly to rise up against the Japanese.

    Oh - did I tell you? Koreans were a BIG part of the Japanese genocideal war effort in Asia. Just ask the Malaysians, Singaporeans, Chinese, Thais, Filippinas etc etc about the 'innocent' Koreans who fought with the Japanese, tortured with the Japanese, raped with the Japanese and then instead of manning up and admitting, screamed that THEY were the victims instead and shouldn't be tried in war criminal tribunals because well, the Koreans are never to blame for their own vulgar, criminal and backwards behavior, are they?

    Koreans should be licking the asses of the Americans, Canadians, Australians, NZealanders etc who not only did not hang high the thousands of Korean war criminals from WW2 but also went and fought for the ungrateful sons and daughters of bitches in the Korean War. For that, Koreans should be sucking the dicks of every man in those countries. Forever.

    When they're not, they should be on their knees apologising to the world for their endless crimes - the biggest Korean exports are not cars and crappy cellphones that need to be recharged every minute but crime.

    Oh yeah, and make sure you swallow so those unfortunate enough to know you in real life don't have to hear your whining Korean voices. Repeat again and again.

    1. White Americans pulled the same stunts on American Indians and Filipinos. Gotta love your reactions when blacks make same comments about your genitals. When you are within the safety net of your own kind then you usually end up calling them niggers. Duke Lax team of 2006 is a prime example. Stop pretending like you care about blacks. I know your kind love to tiptoe around them when they are next to you, yet you don't think twice about talking smack about them. I've worked in work places where majority of the workers were white so I know what I'm talking about. I bet you are another descendent of low-class ethnic white. Other WASPS, Western and Northern European Americans used to look down on your kind. Folks in Europe still do. Stop acting like you got clean conscience. You are hiding behind a false name as well.

    2. Shutthefuckup pinkieMay 17, 2012 at 11:41 PM

      Aaawwww - so absolutely nobody on planet earth has any respect for Koreans, not the morons in Korea, not the uptight, effeminate gypos in the US, not the social cretins who go and work in western countries all the while bitching about how white people think Koreans are so important that they hatch conspiracies to stop Koreans from breathing.

      So sorry about that, my little Korean/little Korean ethnic in the USA and so hung up about it friend.

      You know about 'low class' alright. Koreans were and are the least cultured people the world has ever seen. They are also the biggest bitchasses and whiners in the world - no class, no style, no originality, no prestige, no respect from anybody.

      The Korean idea of 'bravery' is to get into a group and jump one person who has his back turned to them.

      The Korean idea of 'masculinity' is to go to non gay saunas and suck each others' dicks and ride each others' asses in front of the surprised foreign customers who go to saunas cause they're told you bathe and sleep there only by guidebooks.

      NO you protest - we Koreans 'hate gays'. Yeah, that's why so many of you are on the downlow, picking up other men in the train and bus station toilets, or in convenience stores, then going home to your arranged marriage wives or your girlfriends who still don't get why you want to wear more pink than her.

      When you aint doing all that stuff you're still playing with each others' dicks in the sauna and outside, and dry humping each other in clubs and bars. All the while saying 'No gays in Korea'.

      Fuck, it must hurt to be such a loser. And to have to buy the smallest condoms while the store assistant snickers inwardly. Cry me a river you little Korean bitchass......

    3. I thought black guys called you pinkies. Jumping on one person who has his back turned on them? Isn't that white specialty? You cunts can't do no wrong right? You cock snivering dumb ethnic white Oliver Twist.

  12. Hooray for Proud Fighting Koreans!April 27, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    Time for your paid sex - and yep, you're lucky, you get a chonwon discount cause you spend so much money in the pathetic little holes of 'Korean man's entertainment'.

    Yep - keep being proud about the fact that Korea wanted to be a bully in the playground but was so fucking irrelevant to the world for 2,000 yrs (no, not 5,000 yrs - you were still Mongols, South East Asians and Chinese then)because of inbreeding and backwardness, the only two massive things about Korean history.

    Never mind - you got your chance with your Japanese masters when you did all the brutal, genocidal actions the Japanese did as you raped and pillaged and murdered in Asia under the Japanese Empire's command. Instead of having the guts and decency to rise up against the Japanese, the overwhelming majority of Koreans collaborated with the Japanese including in the notorious prisons where Koreans tortured Koreans. Wow -you must be so proud!

    And when it all came falling down and Korea was liberated by the Europeans, Americans, Australians etc's heroic war against Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the stinking Korean collaborators, unlike some Japanese war criminals who had at least the balls to declare they fought for their Empire and didn't beg for mercy or whimper to their captors, screamed that they were 'victims'.

    There were thousands of these Korean war criminals who should have been hung high but these lying, self pitying, exploitative scum who sold Korean women to Japanese and Korean military for the vast network of sex slavery brothels, instead were mostly allowed to take their murderous selves home and then take part in the brutal Korean War some time later.

    Wooh hoo - another Korean achievement! Fighting!

  13. Gawd... you niggers stink like some wet nasty farts... dont aunt jemima teach you all wipe yo asses?

  14. LOOOL White devil makes me laugh with his ad hominem attacks and pathetic attempts to get a rise out of me. But it looks like the white devil got riled up over my comments instead and that’s why you sound like a crazy person. LOOL

    1) You so easily dismiss my “rant” about genocide because you have nothing to say about it. It’s a FACT and your dimwitted attempts to portray Koreans as uncivilized ring hollow compared to what white devils did to other peoples.

    2) What does Chinese domestic policy to its ethnic minorities has to do with Korea, moron? I guess, nothing, since after YOUR rant about China you switch focus to Korea: “Let's have some more facts, this time about the cowardly, snivelling Koreans who folded like paper puppets once the Japanese took over.”

    3) Where did white devils borrow technology of gunpowder from and took upon themselves “the white man’s burden” to “civilize” other people (aka enslave, exterminate and colonize)?
    4) Yep, b/c press ganged into hard labor and digging trenches against your will is a BIG part of Japanese genocidal effort. But that’s the whitey way to twist the facts into your favor.

    5) Yankee bastards never experienced a war on their soil since the Civil War so how can you understand the misery it causes on civilian population? Nor do I expect you to understand that “rising up” against your oppressors is not so easy as you chicken-hawk think it is. Bush Senior’s promise to Shiites in Iraq to support them against Saddam comes to mind. What came of it? And Koreans did rise up against Japanese, but our benevolent, “civilized masters,” as you call them were not so civilized and understanding: You stupid fuck!

  15. 6) I would prefer that Yankees would have hanged Korean Nipponese collaborators and war criminals. But the stupid Yankees promoted them into government positions because they spoke English. That’s the problem with whiteys; you’re not deep thinkers. And when Koreans wanted democracy and overthrow these stooges, you did nothing and even tacitly supported the government while the people got butchered. At least North Koreans got rid of pro-Nipponese collaborator while dumb Yankees put them into government positions so now I have another dumbass Yankee tell me how they should’ve been hung. Well why didn’t you hang them, moron? It’s kind of hard to hang a government official supported by America. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you are deep thinkers. Want to talk about German Nazis or Japanese war criminals who ended up working in USofA? Why didn’t you hang Unit 731 fuckers? “Although the Soviet Russian authorities wished the prosecutions to take place, the USA objected after the reports of the investigating US microbiologists. Among these was Dr. Edwin Hill (Chief of Fort Detrick), whose report stated that the information was "absolutely invaluable", it "could never have been obtained in the USA because of scruples attached to experiments on humans", and "the information was obtained fairly cheaply".[7] On 6 May 1947, Douglas MacArthur wrote to Washington that "additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as 'War Crimes' evidence."[8] The deal was concluded in 1948.”

    7) You seem to be very much hung up on the size of Korean dicks. And you know a lot about whore discounts. Looks like you’ve had a lot of experience with whores and dicks. Run along to your fucky sucky me sooo horny whore LOOOL

    8) The allies did liberate Korea from Japan. But the allies also divided it. Did Americans and Soviets ask Koreans if they wished to be divided?

    9) Finally, Yankee bastard, we don’t own you shit. By your logic, you should be licking French ass and sending your daughters to whore with the French for helping you beat the British in your American Revolution. You sound like a dumb ass army guy brainwashed about spreading freedom and democracy. Just a stupid cannon fodder, who feels Korea owes him something because America sent troops during Korea War. Well, you didn’t finish the job did you? You did a half-assed job, just like your reply comments are.

    “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.” Winston Churchill

    1. GotohellandgettorturedthewayyoudotoanimalsMay 17, 2012 at 11:46 PM

      Absolutely ricetarded. Even the stupid illiterate dirty old Korean ajumma and adjosshi gibbering and hacking up loogies and staring open mouthed and drooling when they see anybody who doesn't look as fuckugly and moronic as them are not as ricetarded as you.

      Just fuck off and kill another million or so dogs by burning and beating so you can sit with your mouth hanging open in some Korean boshintang shithole and say you get 'stamina' from brutalising an animal. Brave Koreans.

    2. !tgon!n click! That's African for "shut the f@ck up", uncle Tom

  16. The guy who's posting all the bs about how Koreans are crap, etc. is NOT white. He's clearly black or the Black Yoda himself. The funny thing is he talks so much sh@t about Korea but nothing of his third works African heritage. Acts like a total Uncle Tom.

    1. Koreans should be happy to be called MonkeysJuly 8, 2012 at 1:25 AM

      Go suck a dog's dick - they're superior to you Koreans in every way. Every day.

      Heard the latest joke? It's Korea. What is the most civilized action Koreans do? Kill themselves in record numbers.

      Heard about the purity of Korean blood?

      It's so pure it's made up of Chinese/Mongolian/Tibetan/Polynesian/other mixes - and that's well before the Japanese showed such horrible judgement in sticking their dicks in Korean women who made monkeys look gorgeous. Oh sorry, there's Indian blood as well from long ago -all that dark skin from old photos helps give that away.

      But how humiliating for those other people - to know the Koreans share their genes. Yeah, there always are retarded people in large families and the retard section here are the Koreans.

      Oh, I forgot to mention the whites from the 19th century onwards who also were desperate enough to stick their dicks into the Korean monkeys.

      Lots of foreign DNA in Korea from a few thousand years ago but unfortunately it hasn't improved the fundamental lack of intelligence and culture that distinguished the monkeys of Dangun.

      Keep weeping. You Koreans are funny in your childish rages.

  17. I can assure you Black Yoda is not participating in this conversation.