Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My internet trolls want to know

I think it is a pussy ass white boy who wanted to play toy cop in his neighborhood and he got his ass kicked by a kid who he outweighed by over 100 pounds. Instead of taking that ass kicking in stride he ran back and got a pistol to avenge the honor he clearly doesn't have and he shot a teenager. Now he is hiding out because he is scared and a pussy. Now for the armchair activist portion of my response. I tell all the young Black men in my family ignore white men when they come up to you on that Barney Fife shit. Just because he has white skin that doesn't automatically make him an authority over you. In Tray's case I would have told him to go home and let his father handle it. That pussy Zimmerman couldn't handle a Black boy imagine if he would have had to deal with a Black man


  1. Zimmerman was carrying a pistol. What the heck is Barny Fife shit?

  2. It is time for blacks to loot and steal for Trayvon as form of a protest. You guys are the only oppressed ones right?