Wednesday, June 12, 2013

35 Days more Bullshit

I received my payslip for this month and I notice they took one hundred dollars out. I don't mind that much because I did oversleep one day last month and I missed class because my boss wouldn't make another trip to come and get me ,but the white boys and Muslims miss classes and days every month and their pay isn't docked. Today is June 12 and one of the white boys took his daughter for a medical check so he could establish residency. Not only will his pay not be docked but the boss actually took him and his family to the clinic. Other people have pulled students out of class and taken days off to get drivers licenses, take trips to the airport, go shopping, and apartment hunting. Whereas I teach 100% of every hour of the classes I'm assigned. My punk ass boss went out of his way to make sure I didn't get paid because the attendance is handled by sign-in sheet and there hasn't been a sheet in 4 weeks which means 100% attendance is assumed by the main office.

I was walking back from the gym listening to Allen Hughes of Menace II Society fame who was telling stories when I ran across this graffiti. I walk this route at least once per day everyday and this is the first time I saw it. Who would have thought that these shitheads were into 'Pac.

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