Friday, November 2, 2012


Hey I'm on fitocracy under the moniker Blackchild and I'm also thinking of putting up a daily youtube video of my journey from fat to fit.


  1. Aye, I've been a fan of your "black boy in kimchiland" blog for sometime now, funny stuff!

    Lately I've been trying to gain access to Idiot's blog but they say I need an invitation. Could you put a word in for me so I can gain access?

    Also check this out:

    Blog “Sorry, I was drunk”

    Very interesting blog written by a South Korean soldier about the training conscripts receive in the South
    Korean army. The blog is only 13 articles long but offers a very detailed description of the culture and
    events that take place within the South Korean army. The author touched on many factors including:
    hazing, rank and status, weapons training, women in the army, suicide and others. I found this blog
    highly interesting and informative. At times his articles are even funny. I read the whole blog in about
    30mins and enjoyed it so much I committed each article to PDF. I think others should give this blog a
    read to see what they think. - blog is in English

    The author was born in Korea moved to America temporarily , then moved back to Korea and now he thinks his whole country is nuts.

    You'll find this entire blog entertaining. (unless your a devout Christian)

    my gmail is

  2. I like the way you lie boy. Django.