Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God Hates Japan (but loves Korea)

I stand with my Korean brothers in our collective glee at the misfortune of those cursed Japanese. I have found a website that encapsulates my enmity for the Japanese and you can click on it here


  1. The link is funny. I discovered your blog by accident while doing some research on racism in Confucian East Asian countries. I have to say I love your funny and witty comments on this blog and your experiences in Korea to be fascinating. I've spent hours already just reading your blog, you gotta get some of this stuff printed bro!

  2. thanks I have a million stories. I even have stories from Taiwan but I don't write them because I don't want this blog to seem sad. You should check loco on the right he writes about Japan racism

  3. i just went through Loco's blog that you suggested, another very talented writer. Your writing brings tears of laughter whereas Loco's brings tears of sadness. Both of you guys are calm and patient it seems, I would have been charge with assault right now for some of the fuckery you guys went through.

    I just thought of something, maybe you should try writing up a script and seeing if Hollywood is interested in your experiences in Korea, have Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle play your character.

    I look forward to your next entry about kimchi land!